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Jesus, that's as Barbour as you can get without being Barbour   Hey DM-
Y U not dig the one I posted (that you pre-dibs'd) in 41L? The tan Brooks Brothers one? Still sitting here with your name on it...
  Nice! Loving the Ashlands I picked up in my size last week.
For the love of all things holy... Of course all the 12's are only D width.
Pure braggadocio from the field.
Sounds like a plan, still need to get the keys to the castle from DM. And I agree, he'll still come down and lay waste to the city...
Extremely pleased with my only find today:
And I need the opposite- bigger hangers, but I can't afford to buy Hanger Project stuff. First world problems.
I walk out of a shop with a buddy of mine when I hear my name called from across the parking lot. None other than S_allen_P, who had a little something for me in his car in MY SIZE... Mad props to this man. Nom De Guerre ready and waiting for you sir, though it's no comparison.   [[SPOILER]]   Around the corner to the next shop, and I hear my name being called again, this time by the friend I was there with. He's holding up these, also in my size. Well what I assumed...
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