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Took a walk, found that Friday = tie day. N/A unless… Idk. [[SPOILER]] Hate to think what I might have missed, as these were already out on the rack, but thankful I got what I got.
Bumped into S_allen_P at a shop yesterday. It's always nice to discuss finds/flip talk/strategy in person.
Attolini, awesome thanks. Unfortunately, I picked it up closer to the beginning of the year, and honestly didn't even give thought to it being an orphan, or a birdseye weave for that matter.
The true unicorn is finding a piss-free pair.
A few recent pickups via shitty cell phone pics-Snagged this beastly shipping scale for super cheap. Couldn't believe it was just sitting there on the shelf in this condition and price. Really stoked to find this in a thrift, I've wanted it for some time now. A matching shelf from TwelveSouth made to hold an external hard drive/time machine/charging iPhone on the arm of my iMac instead of having it on my desk. Too bad I have 3 more external drives sitting here. Viyella...
RTC-Smart man. Just know that unlike the strip club example, conversion is possible.
The first few stops at thrifts with my gf, I knew she was pretty bored but was cool with it because she knew it was something I enjoyed. The other day, she told me she almost stopped by a GW on the way to her friend's house to see if they had any skeets for me to flip/any shirts I'd like. I'm keeping her.
Best of all is that's not even 7FAM, it's Seven 7. But anyways yeah… $4 lesson learned, next step- turning them into an ammo bag.
This, though what a great shirt haul regardless. Finally caught up on the thread. Wish I had more to share, but for now this'll have to do. Not available.Crispy like new indigo corduroy. Consignment find at an almost thrift price. Wish it fit me.
Is this selvedge? : 2014  ::  Is this grenadine? : 2013. Not in a bad way or anything, just an observation.
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