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The thrift gods giveth and taketh away. Light hit the Brioni jacket from earlier just right and revealed some moth action near the button hole, and one on the front face of the lapel. Back she goes.
Quoting this because I actually want your opinions on it. Is the size too funky to flip? The style? The stripes?
Found this a few days ago.     [[SPOILER]]
Pure brag from the record shop yesterday with the exception of the shirt in the lower right corner from the day before. Starting at the top L-R.   Borrelli, Zegna, (for me) Battistoni, Brioni, Kiton, Etro, RG, RG, ZegnaSport summery as fuck linen. [[SPOILER]] The Borrelli has some of the worst neck stains ever, but at $2.95 I figure it's worth a shot if for nothing else buttons... But yeah I have to try cleaning it up first. The rest of them are pretty much tip top, and...
Hanging out with her in a bit and fully expect to share the gist of the posts here. She'll crack up because she's that cool.   So I still haven't gotten to photograph the jackets I picked up yesterday... Probably won't till this weekend, and now, well um...   Randomore =   Seriously... I'll say this, most of the vinyl was picked over already, had I been a few hours earlier god knows what I would have ended up with. What I got: Police- Outlandos d'...
I posted that hoping it would end up like this. Besides, I'd never call a girl this great EUC.
1. Randomessaged 2. Photographing some interesting finds for the thread's consideration. 3. Best find of all recently, a girl (nwot) who likes thrifting almost as much as I do (hunts for mcm furniture), shares artistic pursuits, works in the same industry as me on the side. Unavailable.
When I see that rayxlui is viewing the thread, I can't help but not post any clothes because it's not going to matter as soon as he posts his.
Skeet successfully sold! So it's been a while since I've attempted to sell anything. Does he not get an invoice until I send one? Sounds obvious but I just don't, when I win something I usually pay immediately after the auction ends. Also on the send invoice page, my shipping changed from $10 and change to $15.80. Is that a preset of some sort or is it taking into account where the buyer is and adjusting the priority rate?   As always, thank you guys, I'm a seasoned...
Always have wanted to try curling... Figure it's the one Olympic sport just about anyone has a chance at regardless of athletic ability.
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