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Recent finds, most likely not available, need that dolla right now.   A cool random mix of stuff, some found in LA, a few in OC.   I forget if I posted this one before. Thick/heavy as hell, actually justifies the price, and was left hanging on the recently put out racks by the store's vultures. [[SPOILER]]   The one we're... I usually hesitate/hate to use NWOT, but if a shirt ever was, this has to be. Fabric/tags are crisp, whites are bright white, the way the sleeves...
  Sounds like fun. Do you consider St. Vinny's to be DTLA?
Let me know if you plan on heading east of Venice to hit the shops, especially if you venture over towards west hollywood / hollywood.
Maybe I could buy it and turn it into a scarf or two, maybe a mini-sweater for my camera on cold nights of landscape shooting. (No haz gunz, so no need for ammo bag).
Dibs if 50L ish!   Learning from the masters to post the occasional haul for greater effect instead of an item here, an item there. Today's find is making that hard.
Let the great skeet experiment begin!
Welp, that saved me some time! No use in hitting the racks now. Nicely done sir.
I was at a bit of a dance party this weekend. As the evening wore on, Thrift Shop came on. It cleared the place out before the song was over. I've never been more proud to call those people my friends.
Jesus, that's as Barbour as you can get without being Barbour   Hey DM-
Y U not dig the one I posted (that you pre-dibs'd) in 41L? The tan Brooks Brothers one? Still sitting here with your name on it...
New Posts  All Forums: