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Can/should I message a buyer after a good transaction has taken place to remind them to leave feedback?   Everything went through as planned, left him positive buyer feedback after I saw that he received the item and didn't raise any questions/have any issues. Just figured if he's happy I might want to nudge him a bit... If that's alright to do.
Had a dream that I was looking through ties and found a bunch of Hermes. What's happening to me?
    Found this yesterday as well... Unstructured 3/2, lined shoulders, ready for spring. [[SPOILER]] Available to seasoned thread regulars...
Nataku- not sure... Tried the whole shop, and today was half off pants so they might have left before I got there.   I felt safe picking this one up, orphan or not. If I thought I could ever lose enough weight to fit in this, I'd save it for myself, but it's not in the cards. This one is going to the 'bay unless someone has some Alden wingtips/longwings/other sweet styles in my size...   Quick picture, more soon. H. Huntsman tag on one side, barneys tag on the...
Guys, I've already asked my local homies whose opinions I trust, but I want involvement from the hivemind. Found a stash of H. Huntsman... Orphans. Recent-ish. Pinstriped. A sad but smart pass? Also a smart looking gray wool peak lapel db jacket. Risky flipping right?   I didn't come home empty handed though...
I'm hoping that the presence of will make for some good finds for all of us hitting the racks today.
The thrift gods giveth and taketh away. Light hit the Brioni jacket from earlier just right and revealed some moth action near the button hole, and one on the front face of the lapel. Back she goes.
Quoting this because I actually want your opinions on it. Is the size too funky to flip? The style? The stripes?
Found this a few days ago.     [[SPOILER]]
Pure brag from the record shop yesterday with the exception of the shirt in the lower right corner from the day before. Starting at the top L-R.   Borrelli, Zegna, (for me) Battistoni, Brioni, Kiton, Etro, RG, RG, ZegnaSport summery as fuck linen. [[SPOILER]] The Borrelli has some of the worst neck stains ever, but at $2.95 I figure it's worth a shot if for nothing else buttons... But yeah I have to try cleaning it up first. The rest of them are pretty much tip top, and...
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