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I think unlined ties would be perfect/most successful to try this on. I've removed knot wrinkles from a few with a steamer, but bigger wrinkles across the blade seem to be a bit more difficult, especially if the liner material has the same creases in it.   I say give it a shot, especially if the price is right.   Yesterday, I turned the two RLPL shirts that I returned into this: Hand embroidered on a stretched linen canvas, soon to be gracing my hallway wall.
  I found one with a an actual photo silkscreened into it... Spread eagle ftw. I oriented it so that the next guy to peruse the ties would find a nice little surprise staring back at him.
VD edition   I was in a hurry running through the local shop, figured hey maybe I'll see if any new shirts came in that'd be good for date night last night. I hit the shirts and of course found nothing in my size that was appealing, but didn't come away empty handed... RLPLx2, Barney's "cucita a mano", RLBL (a first for me). Left behind an RLPL in white with the most severe cut-away collar I've seen. Twas super sick looking, but had a little 1mm circular olive green stain...
You can also ask a doctor (dermatologist) to prescribe you Robinul Forte. It's used to treat stomach ulcers, and its main side effect is a reduction in sweating. For this reason it's also prescribed specifically for that effect. Works very well, with no other discernible effects. You'll still sweat (you need to) but you won't be nearly as soggy as before.
I wish, for you, those were shell, but don't some of those pics show some pretty obvious creases? Or is pebbled shell an exception to the crease rules? Pretty slick pair regardless.
Well that and the fact that he thought he could leave... Maybe a temporary bell's palsy of the common sense region?
Saw this at a Marshalls last night and thought to myself "I know of several people who would probably rock the shit out of this thing...' Sorry for the blur- Red cord PRL jacket with tons o' details and a better button stance than shown. They also wanted like $199 for it.  This store had so many sick PRL jackets, all at still too expensive prices, but still, I was drooling. They also had one of those made in Italy loose weave silk ties with no branding that someone found...
Nice to see the end results of the Etro coat E. I'm pretty sure I thought you were crazy when I heard you were having a XXL taken in to your size, but your tailor really did a great job! Tell her she should open up shop in LA once a month, I have a few shirts to send her way...
Hit up one thrift down in OC today... Nada. Left this fellow behind   Did get to the TJMaxx that had RL bags and these were what's left, already through round 1 of markdowns: [[SPOILER]]   Marshalls action included these which were originally marked $5. I was going to try one pair but when they marked them down, I bought all 3, left behind a salmon pair. 3 buck panthers... What is this world coming to?   No cashmere, Brioni, or Kiton at either shop, but I did grab this...
Walk of shame thrift shopping edition...   Dropped by a store this morning and saw this beast [[SPOILER]] Didn't kop because... [[SPOILER]]
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