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Right? I smell synergy a brewin.
Om1 is definitely a sweet little SLR (literally). What'd ya snag it for? I wanted one just to have/shoot occasionally and ended up finding a minty one in black with the same lens on another forum. Dude had been connecting it to his telescope and ended up selling the scope. Got the it for the price of shipping- $10.    These days the last thing I'll buy at a thrift is an old camera. Unless they have a clue/don't have a clue, the prices are usually so far beyond stupid...
Nice Rando! Keep brushing!   Haven't made it to any thrifts lately. Been grabbing Vineyard Vines ties at multiple Marshalls for $5-7 a pop left and right though.   Attended a birthday celebration tonight for a few friends. At one point, in walks cute girl/trophy wife that was our age with what must have been over $100 in cupcakes (that's like a few dozen- Welcome to LA). Hubby (Older... Tan) follows behind in you guessed it, full skeet regalia. Very nice folks...
Such a funny book, totally forgot about it though it sits on my shelf (along with a few others of his). An easy, enjoyable read. Who did you have in your mind playing the role of Minty Fresh while you read it?
A few days ago I was working on a music video at a bookstore downtown and saw this... Findin' Margiela even when I'm not looking.
Just imagine if it affected your daily driving!
Been busy and haven't hit too many stores up in the past week... All I've come home with was a skeet jacket. Interested in seeing how that does.    Food/bread comments: Tell me about it. I wish more places sold "bachelor" amounts of staple items such as bread/eggs. There's a Fogo de Chao down the street I've been planning on hitting up when I get a few bigger jobs going. I look forward to leaving there properly meat drunk.   Yesterday on set, a crew member also happened...
Not really any worry of heat (that would melt the pvc) from CFL's, especially if there's any ventilation at all.   Built a similar setup for a friend (pvc cube made from home depot's sprinkler aisle pipes and elbows. Come to think of it, for another friend, we built 6 foot tall frames out of pvc that could stand on their own, which we draped white bed sheets over and shot lights through. With the right amount of light, it covered a person over 6 feet tall from head...
Well I tried posting something from my phone last night, but it's a bit difficult now that the screen is shattered.   Anyways, DM7 and rayxlui came down for a sprint pillage of the area. Their finds were impressive, though limited by the time they had here. They did find these though...     [[SPOILER]]
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