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Inspired by Xenos' Berluti find (holy hell by the way, amazing), I headed to their website. I suggest checking it out and watching the video that plays on the front page. Coolest f'ing look book vid I've seen (shy of one that I worked on ).
  The holes aren't super noticeable due to the color of the sleeve lining... Also they're small and probably wouldn't be horrible to have re-woven: both on left sleeve       Also, there is another CB from the same guy still (a gray striped orphan) over by the mirror on the men's side. It's funny that the best of his stuff is what's left, the Zegnas donated along with it was the oldest tags I've seen, and it showed in style/materials.   A few firsts yesterday, pics when...
Apparently LNWOT wasn't ready for a long term purchase. So with that, she's off to the 'bay. It's a shame really, the details/handwork were exceptional.   Oh, you meant the coat. It had a few moth holes in the sleeve that I found after the fact.
  Lolz. Same coat poasted here and returned by yours truly.  Please please please tell me you didn't find the Barbour/all those shirts in the same place? I know the Prada's are from there, looks like they cleaned up nicely!   Little miss LNWOT decided to end things before they began, tis the season it appears.
Any LA guys bump into the same guy twice in the past two days at different shops and have discussions about ties? If so, that was me.    And remember- He's watching:
Yeah wouldn't armpit hair create space/an airway between clothes and your skin? I've always been told it aids in cooling in this way.
So who do I trust here? Italian content tag with what you could say is a higher quality mix, or the smaller made in Mexico tag? Guessing it's something I'll never know for sure.   Anyone else seen/owned much in the way of Mexican made Polo?
Eazy- That last one is . 
I think unlined ties would be perfect/most successful to try this on. I've removed knot wrinkles from a few with a steamer, but bigger wrinkles across the blade seem to be a bit more difficult, especially if the liner material has the same creases in it.   I say give it a shot, especially if the price is right.   Yesterday, I turned the two RLPL shirts that I returned into this: Hand embroidered on a stretched linen canvas, soon to be gracing my hallway wall.
  I found one with a an actual photo silkscreened into it... Spread eagle ftw. I oriented it so that the next guy to peruse the ties would find a nice little surprise staring back at him.
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