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So many colors to choose from for my new ammo bag. Maybe it can be a Borrelli/Hermes mash up.Honestly though, I'm away this evening otherwise I'd shoot some pics.
My secondary haul is minimal in comparison to yesterday's. I believe it's Rando and S_allen_P that will deliver the head explosions this time around.   Also I left Suge's pants behind. they were all odd orphans and were cut like clown pants. I initially saw a pair and thought hmm that might be my waist size, and then when I saw the tag I was like uh oh, pulled them from the rack and was greeted to wide, straight legs about 14 across. Pass-ola.   Also I have 20...
I've definitely pulled off the jeans/sc/tie before to much success. Always have gone with something like a vineyard vines shirt and a knit tie, dark blue jeans. +100 on the nice shoes tip. Been wearing that setup with some AE wingtips and I've had many positive remarks. Wearing something like my every day clarks desert treks would completely nullify any steez had with the rest of the outfit. Imagine getting that picture texted to you. He sent it and the preview was a...
So to go along with Randomore's post, it appears my haul was the pre-game show.   A good number of shirts I picked up yesterday had the string still around a button where a tag once hung. Today, there were tags. Lots and lots of tags.
Shop just got turned out by four of us at the same time. Prices went up overnight, but so did the quality. Small time haul for me, bigger for the other guys. Get your popcorn poppers heated up.
Early morning shoot kept me away from here and that shop from yesterday. Got the play by play from randy as he pillaged. Now en route to attempt a second strike to clean up after him.
Why you might ask?   I decided it had been too long since I'd been out to a few particular shops, and decided to check them out. The first one provided me with: A sweet little no-name pocket square for myself. (Actually went in to this shop hoping to find a green square.) Huzzah!     Also grabbed this, great condition... [[SPOILER]]   Last thing I ever thought I'd find at this store Odd pants. Cool closure and details. More pics if interested.   Solid finds had I...
McSkeet jacket with a little enhancement so you can fully appreciate the pattern.   Not exactly an overcheck... What do you think I should call that, a feather check? Paisley check? Skeet check?
Pleasure doing business with you as always.    I'm going to get crazy with the Aldens you sent out...   Almost bought a crazy pair of old green captoes in my size this evening down the street. Never saw such a thing, seemed well built, but needing love. Couldn't figure out the maker, and then I saw in the maker tag- Stacy Adams... But this was old, and seemed like a much more legit shoe than we're used to seeing from them.
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