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Anyone ever ship to Chile? I got a question asking if I would, and considering that they aren't covered by the GSP, I figured it's probably smarter to pass.
Pair up a no notch lapel with one of those ties where the pattern of the blade blends in with the knot and I think you're automatically allowed on the air regardless of experience. They see you walking up and think "hey it's the new on-air talent, lets get him in front of a camera asap."
A Van Heusen shirt.
Also forgot a mad shout out to S_allen_P, he found/proxied these killers for me [[SPOILER]]
Jesus, remind me to never take a week off from reading the thread. Just bashed through 30+ pages of posts the last 2 hours.   EV, sorry I missed out during the nonsense earlier. Chino isn't close but I have other reasons to head there and could have done a little ground work for ya.
Sigh, the inevitable warm seat... But there's already a thread around here for that.
When you decide to break it to everyone that these are all 50L, also take a minute to let me know where to send your shirts 
Thought that was a known thing! Whoops, would have warned you.   Randomore, sick finds as always.   I've barely stepped foot in a store since my shirt haul. Decided I need to liquidate some of the older stuff before continuing to shop. That and out of thrifting monies/working on some lighting set ups.   Skeet blankets = pure magic. Posted two on Sunday, first bid on one of them (that I thought would be a tough sell due to it being one color) was $60 (my reserve), other...
To answer those questions about returning a few shirts- Trust me, they had trauma that would not be fixable without completely porking them. One had a little hole that was destined to become much bigger quickly. The others looked like they'd been bought, stained, dry cleaned, and left for dead with the stains remaining.   GMMcl I'm pretty sure I've got a ring that was made by the same people that made those cufflinks.
  I was at a different store, returning some of the not so hot from the past haul. Also was only one shirt for one shirt, but still popped the Isaia cherry. Still need to go through some of them to weed out the true um... weeds.   Time to catch up on the thread and respond to all of you.
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