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Yup Yup. Looking forward to hearing more about this one... Also, soon after this picture was taken, a crackhead (and/or bulk flipper) swooped in and picked it up. My apologies in advance if it was one of us.     I just realized the store it was found at is about a mile from where the above picture was shot. 
330- Dat hat man...   Mainy killin it as always...   Today for me:  
Currently in store, this just came out Jvc QL f4. Seems to be working well. Has an audio technica needle with the cover intact, leads me to believe the owner may have actually given a shit. Overall Needs to be cleaned up, plexi cover is scratched. Pass at $40?
Anyone ever ship to Chile? I got a question asking if I would, and considering that they aren't covered by the GSP, I figured it's probably smarter to pass.
Pair up a no notch lapel with one of those ties where the pattern of the blade blends in with the knot and I think you're automatically allowed on the air regardless of experience. They see you walking up and think "hey it's the new on-air talent, lets get him in front of a camera asap."
A Van Heusen shirt.
Also forgot a mad shout out to S_allen_P, he found/proxied these killers for me [[SPOILER]]
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