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Finally caught up on the thread...  Nat- So stoked for you. The feeling I had when I found all those shirts a while back had to be only fractionally as magnificent as you must have felt when you were grabbing this haul off the racks.   Regional humor- That McQueen jacket would help me blend in with the folks in at least two neighborhoods around here. 
Recent non-clothing thrift randomness...   Thinking I can get rid of these together   [[SPOILER]]   Because I'm a bit of a space/nasa geek Not an uncle for a few months, but hell I would have bought it if it said grandma.   The crown jewel of the post Tallship decanter. It came with a stopper, but I'm pretty sure it's not the right size as it doesn't seat itself properly.   R.A.M. double LP not thrifted but helped add some contrast to the background to help see the...
Hot damn dude. Looking forward to seeing the rest when you come down from your find high.  Come for the healthcare, stay for the ridiculous deals on blazers! 
The natural progression here leads to...  
Wandering the women's section when I spy this on the rack of clothes people have tried on and left behind... The slick pattern is what grabbed my eye and told me to take a closer look.   [[SPOILER]]
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, let it be known that DM7 just called them his best thrift ever. Popcorn everyone? Once you're done with his main course, I'll serve dessert.
Jesus, if you're an xl in uniqlo, I'll just skip that shop altogether and head to Omar the tent maker instead.
Wish I could find the post earlier in the thread referencing that tag. Immediately triggers the Kitten alarm response. Solid rep stripe regardless, add it to the rotation. 
Not a kitten but... Killin it dude.  Dat tie haul alone...
I'd try to rock that.
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