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Christopher Raeburn- [[SPOILER]]
@capnwes & @Nataku - Thanks, really couldn't get my head around the construction of those.   @Fueco Yeah I figured as much, guess we'll see. Re: the pencils, check out the regular versions/extenders. A bit more modern, and economical in comparison. There are many variations to be had across the interwebs.   Is this… A thing? Actually going to go research it more now, grabbed it late yesterday just in case it was something.
Pure brag of a few finds from the last couple of days. I've had a few days that were busts, but every now and then, you have a day where you pick up something at every store you hit (for some of you that's a regular occurrence I think). A consignment find while on vacation in Santa Barbara. Lady that rang it up was like "Of course the $200 shirt moved quickly at this price, not sure what we were thinking." Hearing this pleased my gf very much. Because Fueco keeps posting...
True that, to all of the above. God I can't believe how much film/money I shot/wasted back in the day. I must have 20+rolls and prints of the worst surf photography ever.
Congrats to all the expecting dads out there, tis the season! Three grabs yesterday...   For some reason these AE Manhattan wholecuts were just sitting there on a cart that had rolled out from the back before I got there. 12D… And on their most snug 0 last. Might try to have them stretched a bit and see if they'll work for me. Otherwise going to that site. This was after a little Renovateur lovin'.   Never seen this show, but I like some of the actors on it and have...
Normally I'd say throw it in a trash bag with a bunch of tea bags (like plain black tea, cheapest you can find), and then knot the bag so it's airtight. The tea bags do a great job of absorbing odors in garments. The issue here though is that it's the wax that smells, and the fabric is impregnated with the wax… Suppose it's still worth a shot though. Just know that you can't really take it to a dry cleaners- they'll trash it. You may have to take a wet washcloth and wipe...
Took a walk, found that Friday = tie day. N/A unless… Idk. [[SPOILER]] Hate to think what I might have missed, as these were already out on the rack, but thankful I got what I got.
Bumped into S_allen_P at a shop yesterday. It's always nice to discuss finds/flip talk/strategy in person.
Attolini, awesome thanks. Unfortunately, I picked it up closer to the beginning of the year, and honestly didn't even give thought to it being an orphan, or a birdseye weave for that matter.
The true unicorn is finding a piss-free pair.
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