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EDIT- Nevermind… Found it!  [[SPOILER]]
Rounded out a week that included some of my favorite finds with these two in the same shop- Both tentatively N/A till I figure out more. Also good god, my mannequin is going to have body image issues after this. These Thom Browne size 1's won't even button up all the way on it.
The fact that on a whim I was that close to trolling 100k from my phone... With a balloon knot joke.
Bad pass?
Ding ding ding! 
Ooh the fish print ones???
I wish I could head out and find something worthy of post 100k. What are we putting our money on? Is Spoo or eddievddr10 waiting to swoop in? Will a noob post and leave us in the lurch? Tune in and find out!
Not much to be found today. Really dug the logo on this and figured maybe one of you bike guys would be into this. A little stain on the chest (right above the tail of the C on the sleeve) but I figured the overall coolness trumped that.   Oh and then I found these in a thrift. Pretty damn crispy and N/A.
Agreed! I'd love a forestry cloth cruiser or something similar. Also @Fueco, so these are possibly a safer bet than the PRL aloha I posted before? (As far as I'm concerned, you're the thread's aloha shirt brain trust. Hopefully that's ok)They were so hideous I had to leave them… Well that and this shop didn't do returns. I did grab this one though...Looks like someone forgot it at the dry cleaners… Minty.
@txwoodworker I somewhat agree with this but upon examination, if it was shortened, it was finished so well that it looks like it came that way from the factory. The pockets end before the bottom of the vest, and inspecting the hem on the inside, it's finished the same as the rest. Who knows, but thanks for pointing it out.    @jgill79 I looked all over it for some bud branding and couldn't find any. The only reference to it I can find about the shirt online are what I...
New Posts  All Forums: