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Yeah, can we get a head count of all our thrift thread brothers that may have been affected by the storms? Also, chime in if you're ok.
Noice! They're semi-common, what'd ya pick it up for if you don't mind me asking? That'll be the tell. The film will most likely be toast so I'd write that off. Are the flash bars unused? Hard to tell from that shot.  LA is more or less a shell desert. I think I've seen it twice, both times already cracked/torn. I'd happily trade away a portion of the streetwear finds for shell. Thrift gods, take note of that.
E-thrift- Hoping they're decent. Though at that price, I figure it was worth a shot. Shoe trees + some Reno and they shouldn't look too shabby.   Tweets- Nice shell grab!
Snoogz- Stay quit! Nataku- Some label porn for ya. Did not kop because it was trashed/disgusting, but I recall you posting/digging this variant of the SD logo. Also did not kop, but found at the local Costco and had to laugh. Spoo? [[SPOILER]]
More frustrating? Yeah, the ISAIA shirt I left behind today for the same reason.
This. Daily. When I first started hitting the shops here and witnessed this, I was amazed. I didn't know what was happening, it wasn't real life. I still like to watch the scrum as it happens, they usually grab utter shit. Most of my scores that are on racks/carts get passed up by the first wave of people anyway. This behavior also varies from store to store. The most uncivilized action that I've witnessed has taken place at the shop closest to me.
Haha, well hell, ignore me then!
I dig the jacket and tie together, but I think this would look even better with a light blue shirt. Nice fit regardless, thanks for sharing. I photographed an event last week with a regular client and asked what I should wear. They said black trousers/black pants would work just fine (this was much better than their initial request of formal... which I would later figure out meant business attire). I also could have worn a more trad outfit but photographing an event in a...
LeSacre, which do I win eh? Eh? Amazing haul man! As the register spit out the receipt for the above speakers, I realized they were spelled wrong... FML. Taking back to another store now.
Just found a set of 4 of these and the center channel... Kop@ 14.99?
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