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Grenadine? Sam Hober? Do I win?
Yep, strange right? Based on his name, it appears the previous owner is a Dallas transplant now out this way. Bonus- They let me keep all the Culwell and Sons hangars the suits were on since I spent so much.
Quick shitty shots of my haul from Friday. Excuse the picture quality, still have the plastic on the back of my new phone until I get a case. Oh and on that topic, I was in the process of messaging other thread members to tell them they ought to come share the wealth when I bobbled my phone (I was also carrying 5 jackets) and it fell to the ground, further shattering the already broken glass on my iphone's screen. Half of the touch capability was rendered useless, and...
Pretty sure it's only the shirts that they sign, but maybe if you take the tie apart you can find a signature in there somewhere... 
[[SPOILER]] I was all like
Click below and sing along with me everyone...   I love walking into a store at the right time.
That thing is nuts. To me, the clean lines/hidden buttons really gives it an evil henchman look. In a good way.
Thrifter's log, date 1106.13 1. DM7 continuously has better shit wasting away in his trunk than a lot of you will ever find. 2. Having fellow thrifters in your town on the lookout for things your size is worth it's weight in gold. Just traded with S_Allen_P and got my second Barbour, a warm, like new Bushmaster. 3. Today, I was a good luck charm for both of these guys.
Yeah, I was just taking the opportunity to call DM7 the "darkest of all matter". It's been a while.
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