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I'm not sure if I'm more impressed or disgusted at how this seller sent my shoes... All I know is if they were anything more than the Tyrwhitt Loakes I got for $17, I'd opt for the latter.
Message sent.  
What you've found are ass kicking boots.
Looks like it was a cheer sweater, that patch shape looks like a megaphone similar to this style without the paws:
So chill.  [[SPOILER]]
Nicest bunch of guys ever. Shot some time lapse stuff for them a couple months back. Still kicking myself for not asking about getting their vinylz.
Looks like someone pressed that leather against some expanded aluminum and embossed the pattern in it...
Sweet haul Orb. A little something for everyone. Gotta love that Netjets uses LP gear as their "thank you" swag.
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