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Ok Spoo. So I went F50 hunting for you... [[SPOILER]]  Then I kept cruising for more and saw this guy. Yeah that dog is wearing Oakleys and chilling the fuck out whilst Spandau Ballet oozed out of the car's speakers. I figure if the Enzo and the pup dont = a tie, maybe this will count for extra credit... [[SPOILER]]  Back to more thrifty conquests. Anyone want to be Bob Barker for Halloween next year?I really wanted to pick this up but ended up leaving it at $9.99. This GW...
Proxy anyone? At my local GW. MF'ing 60 inch Viking. Ovens were spotless. Biggest WTF look I've had in store in a while.
 Ugh, so you're telling me I need to go troll around BH... Hmm it is Sunday, suppose my chances are a bit better. Shoulda snapped a shot of the murdered out Aventador I drove past there yesterday... Fucking bat mobile.
Aw shit, do I see my new weekender bag sitting next to that turn table?  Killing it Nat.Also for all the madness the thread has had lately, it's also on fire. Crazy finds lately guys.  Edit- Holy hell, a Thorens TD-125? .
Well that's the last thing I thought I'd see here today. That's a thrift thread first, right?
Rolled the dice on 'em, got a hell of a deal, but they're far too narrow for my E feet. Oh and not to mention corrected grain. The chance I took for playing the game. Nice construction and great leather soles thought. Gifting them to a local thread member.
I'm not sure if I'm more impressed or disgusted at how this seller sent my shoes... All I know is if they were anything more than the Tyrwhitt Loakes I got for $17, I'd opt for the latter.
Message sent.  
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