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On the subject of ties, I recently sold some nwt vineyard vines ties. Put them in a tie gift box, and then shoved that into a USPS tyvek. Worked well but those stupid tie boxes were a bit pricey. Probably wouldn't go to that trouble on something used. I just received 2 Turnbull & Asser ties I won, and they were each rolled into a sandwich sized plastic bag, then placed in a small but adequate paper envelope. Efficient, if not the nicest looking/best protected method. The...
Ok not sure what the heck is going on here, seems scammy...  So a few days ago I mentioned shipping to Canada. You guys were a great help walking me through what needed to be done to change the invoice, and I thank you for that. I messaged my buyer and told him where to go on his page/what to click on to ask me for a revision to the invoice. He replies with:Maybe we have a language barrier thing going on, I don't know. Later in the evening, I receive this message from...
Great grabs E. Definitely haven't seen any Boingo in a thrift yet. Hit a store yesterday with a huge stack of vinyl that had just come out... Mostly oldies compilations, comedy albums, and test records. At the usual (for out here) GW record price of $1.99 each, I passed. Sounds like you have some legit pricing out there.
Mad props Tubs, that's some great thinking/work there.
I need this in my life. What do I have to do to get it? Case in point, some of my photography [[SPOILER]]
Ok, previously mentioned Canadian buyer won the shirt. I told him I was using the int. shipping program and that I was pretty sure that was that since the auction had ended. He says he contacted ebay and that it's still possible for me to change the shipping info/price on the invoice. When I click send invoice, it says " The item(s) will ship using the Global Shipping Program. As part of the program, buyer directly pays international shipping and import charges to the...
Good plan, no clue what to quote them though, just the general USPS first class rates? Or actually, I think that shirt is part of the shipping program since it's international... Hmm.
Have an ebay user that is asking about shipping a shirt to ON, Canada. Do you guys tend to default to first class shipping when sending things north? Priority flat rate seems pretty high in comparison. 
If they'd been 64L I'd be asking someone out there to proxy that. So close.
Yep. So many possible seating configurations, this thing is everything I need it to be. When I have a photo shoot going and I need to haul a bunch of equipment, or a friend buys a new flat screen, or I need to haul some furniture around, the rear seats fold flat and then can fold up to the sides, or removed completely.  Are these what I think they are? Didn't recall setting that high an amount on esnipe but oh well, not quite an e-thrift, but a good deal maybe?
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