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What color green would you call this? Think I should just call it green and leave it at that?
 Noice. Assume they were had for a steal?
Apologies to my secret santa, though your package will be going out a bit late, I have a feeling you'll receive it pretty quickly...
Trophy for haul of the year.
Also fwiw/info's sake, a EU58 is typically much closer to a slim 46US. The "straight across" size conversion is closest with EU50-US40 and gets less accurate as you move away from that point.
Based on the tag, do you guys think this is a 42 short? Sleeves are 24 inches from the shoulder and the BOC length is 29 if that helps.
Probably just the JR soles they had in stock at the time, pre-stamped with the Horween logo since I'm guessing that's probably where most of them end up?
Sort of an E-thrift that arrived earlier... These appear to be T&A's "lace" weave. Well made, quite substantial in hand, and pretty much like new.
On the subject of ties, I recently sold some nwt vineyard vines ties. Put them in a tie gift box, and then shoved that into a USPS tyvek. Worked well but those stupid tie boxes were a bit pricey. Probably wouldn't go to that trouble on something used. I just received 2 Turnbull & Asser ties I won, and they were each rolled into a sandwich sized plastic bag, then placed in a small but adequate paper envelope. Efficient, if not the nicest looking/best protected method. The...
Ok not sure what the heck is going on here, seems scammy...  So a few days ago I mentioned shipping to Canada. You guys were a great help walking me through what needed to be done to change the invoice, and I thank you for that. I messaged my buyer and told him where to go on his page/what to click on to ask me for a revision to the invoice. He replies with:Maybe we have a language barrier thing going on, I don't know. Later in the evening, I receive this message from...
New Posts  All Forums: