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I don't think I shared any pictures of this guy when I got it back in October. Amazed at the condition it's in. [[SPOILER]]
There aren't, as far as I recall, resources to check the serials. You just want there to be one.You want to check for 3 things when looking at that brand- Thread knot/noose inside the blade, then on the box where the serial number is, you want the letters to be in all caps, and the background color of the box should be a color appearing in the tie somewhere.
Basic breakdownJacketP2P- 25Waist- 24Sleeve- 26-26.5Shoulder- 21.5length BOC- 33 Pants42-32 Thanks!
The NYE party I'm going to just went formal... Need to find a suit by then... 48L drop 6 32ish inseam. Preferably 2 button in a dark gray or blue. Just in case someone comes across one, though I'm not crossing my fingers.
What's the name of the thrift thread regarding things we're looking for/want? I need to put out an APB and want it in the appropriate place.
I kid, I kid... 
Should be easy for you guys... What's Macklemore's favorite movie? [[SPOILER]] somewhere dark and you'll see plenty. Of course if you can head toward Palomar you'll probably find the best darkness down there.
Synergy! Heading out to a dry place for the weekend, both literally and figuratively... Palm Desert. Another meteor shower to corral into my camera, and hopefully, a few things worth bringing back.
Stoked to hear that a few of you managed to pick up some of those AE Schautals. I went by the shop I thought was going to have them in 11.5 EEE and they checked, appears the pair that was in their system last night (when I checked from another store) is now gone. Well it was fun while the search lasted! Hopefully something similar will come along soon!   On the plus side, multiple tryings-on has confirmed that I've dropped a size and am now a 48L. Especially amazing...
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