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+1 to what everyone else said. Post more progress pics if possible. I love resto-jobs of just about anything, though I know it's a pain to put your work down and pick up a camera along the way. Left this behind a couple days ago, was awesome.Brooks Bros waxed Barbour-ish jacket, sized L, fit me pretty much perfectly. British Millerain fabric, but made in China. It even had extra snap/rivet/button pieces in a little bb bag in one pocket. Priced at $45, I just couldn't pull...
Still not sure what this winter thing really is. I hear you guys talk about it, but it was around 75, maybe approaching 80 out here today. Stay safe out there gents, and send all your shell to the left coast, we're still lacking.   Anyone here ever have a soft-sided bag (ex- a Hartmann I have) re-lined? I forget if I've asked already. And for you DIY guys, anyone ever attempt to restore the black edge some leather craftsman use on the edges of their pieces?   To keep...
Yeah I'm pretty much sure I'll be holding on to it, I know I'll never see another in a thrift. It was one of those great moments where I know my eyes got huge when I saw it. Love when that happens.
One find today... One awesome find. [[SPOILER]] A bit torn on whether to keep it and use it or flip it... For now, I'm throwing it in my camera case.
Report from the field.
Not super e-thrift pricing, but $40 for some "worn" Timberlands... [[SPOILER]]
Thanks, I just snarfed diet coke reading that. Lookin good man, glad you were able to find some that fit!
So um yeah, this just happened.
My apologies if that came off a bit snarky... The ties posted are silk knit, and grenadine is a weave. This doesn't help, I know. See these rundowns for a bit more intel- Great display of the differences in grenadine weaves-
The Brioni is real, just older, and none of those are grenadine.
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