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Thank you so much for the info!
Long time browser of the thread and first time poster. Curious as to the age of this piece I found a while back (I don't know if the tag shown was used only for a certain time period). Or for that matter, what collection it may have been a part of.   It's a reversible, short, oversized, James Dean-ish looking, and I've not been able to locate any information/a similar coat anywhere. Thoughts? 
Yeah those. I'm 34, I can't remember what I had for breakfast let alone a post I read 20 minutes ago.
Oh no, I know plenty about it, I actually have one of her stores within walking distance of my place, I was just seeing what everyones thoughts were on keeping it or punting, guess I should have been more clear. Nice to see you picked up those Rubinaccis, I figured you might end up with them.
A couple of finds from last week, tentatively N/AShirts- JL and a first of its kind for me. Timed things right when the racks were rolling out, and grabbed all the suits I could with one hand somewhat uncontested (most of the rack hounds at this shop lunge for denim/athletic gear). Suits L-R You'll see in a sec, Paul Smith made in Italy (ended up having a repaired spot on the back that wasn't good), D&G peak lapel single button chalk stripe (found sleeve tearing that would...
Found these along with the TB's the other week...All of them are 0/XS. Fingers crossed. All the TB stuff is size 1. I may have fit into them in grade school, and by that I mean first or second grade.
Thrift find from yesterday. [[SPOILER]]
Ugh seeing some of the stuff she already sold that might have fit me… I don't even want to think about it. Still thank you, I'll be following them now. Pure brag- had to leave behind damaged CdG and Aspesi shirts but grabbed these... [[SPOILER]]
I can see it now- Eazy's house of style, by appointment only.
Manny needs to go on a diet if he's ever going to fit in these size 1 TB's… and the BoO XS's are like a child's size M.
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