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Precisely. Not even digital capabilities, just for a freaking viewfinder. Boondoggleroid.
Ah yes, the image 1200. Gotta love that it has a separate digital camera (in the circle on the front) solely for the purpose of feeding the screen on the back to aid in taking pics. As if the viewfinder wasn't enough. Nice find! Still haven't seen one of those in the wild. And of course, epic haul over all man!
Details of the insane tie haul picture previously...An approximation of how it felt when I started flipping the ties over to see the labels. [[SPOILER]]
My most epic tie haul ever from a few months ago. Most of them are long gone. Deets later.
Thank you!
 It's been a while gents, hasn't it? Things got busy around here last year and I eventually ended up not dropping by the thread anymore. My, how it's changed. I've been finding some great stuff while I've been gone, but I won't bore you with (most of) that. I made a ridiculous promise to myself not to post again till I found solid gold buttons on a blazer... Well that didn't happen.  [[SPOILER]]
Thank you so much for the info!
Long time browser of the thread and first time poster. Curious as to the age of this piece I found a while back (I don't know if the tag shown was used only for a certain time period). Or for that matter, what collection it may have been a part of.   It's a reversible, short, oversized, James Dean-ish looking, and I've not been able to locate any information/a similar coat anywhere. Thoughts? 
Yeah those. I'm 34, I can't remember what I had for breakfast let alone a post I read 20 minutes ago.
Oh no, I know plenty about it, I actually have one of her stores within walking distance of my place, I was just seeing what everyones thoughts were on keeping it or punting, guess I should have been more clear. Nice to see you picked up those Rubinaccis, I figured you might end up with them.
New Posts  All Forums: