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Yeah those. I'm 34, I can't remember what I had for breakfast let alone a post I read 20 minutes ago.
Oh no, I know plenty about it, I actually have one of her stores within walking distance of my place, I was just seeing what everyones thoughts were on keeping it or punting, guess I should have been more clear. Nice to see you picked up those Rubinaccis, I figured you might end up with them.
A couple of finds from last week, tentatively N/AShirts- JL and a first of its kind for me. Timed things right when the racks were rolling out, and grabbed all the suits I could with one hand somewhat uncontested (most of the rack hounds at this shop lunge for denim/athletic gear). Suits L-R You'll see in a sec, Paul Smith made in Italy (ended up having a repaired spot on the back that wasn't good), D&G peak lapel single button chalk stripe (found sleeve tearing that would...
Found these along with the TB's the other week...All of them are 0/XS. Fingers crossed. All the TB stuff is size 1. I may have fit into them in grade school, and by that I mean first or second grade.
Thrift find from yesterday. [[SPOILER]]
Ugh seeing some of the stuff she already sold that might have fit me… I don't even want to think about it. Still thank you, I'll be following them now. Pure brag- had to leave behind damaged CdG and Aspesi shirts but grabbed these... [[SPOILER]]
I can see it now- Eazy's house of style, by appointment only.
Manny needs to go on a diet if he's ever going to fit in these size 1 TB's… and the BoO XS's are like a child's size M.
The $399.99 price tag on it. Edit: Sloppy thirds? Good grief. 
 Just 3 finds today. One may be pre-dibsed, one is now mine, and one is going to the bay of pigs.Pretty sure this is the first time I've brought home A.P.C. Most likely dibsed. NSW made in Japan Loopwheeler (at least I think so) hoodie. Slightly snug on me, but will fit perfect soon. Great substantial build quality, I've been wanting something like this but didn't think I'd find a clean one in a thrift.  [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: