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Not sure if this had been shared in my absence from the thread (apologies if it has), but it's all the info you'll ever want to know about our favorite camelid (plus pure Loro Piana porn in luxurious 240p)-  
Edit- Spoo-    Been all about the shoes lately. Or at least, that's all I've been bringing home. If they aren't for me, they're heading to the 'bay.   One shop had these two- Some J Shoes Viceroys for myself. Finally some nice casual shoes. Shitty cell pic.   Buttero Tanino Hi Chambray. Just a smidge too small in size 45. Maybe worn a month.   Next stop I found these beauts Paul Smith Cages in a sick green make up. Wish these were my size. Anyone recognize...
Well Michael Graves was the  designer of it, beyond that, not too sure. Looks like the back says base metal, and Hong Kong... Apparently it's a piece he did in the 90's for Target.
Can anyone here identify these two models I found? I'd say they're the same but the off-white are dip dyed and have different sole details (maybe just different seasons?). Are they both Cage?  
Precisely. Not even digital capabilities, just for a freaking viewfinder. Boondoggleroid.
Ah yes, the image 1200. Gotta love that it has a separate digital camera (in the circle on the front) solely for the purpose of feeding the screen on the back to aid in taking pics. As if the viewfinder wasn't enough. Nice find! Still haven't seen one of those in the wild. And of course, epic haul over all man!
Details of the insane tie haul picture previously...An approximation of how it felt when I started flipping the ties over to see the labels. [[SPOILER]]
My most epic tie haul ever from a few months ago. Most of them are long gone. Deets later.
Thank you!
 It's been a while gents, hasn't it? Things got busy around here last year and I eventually ended up not dropping by the thread anymore. My, how it's changed. I've been finding some great stuff while I've been gone, but I won't bore you with (most of) that. I made a ridiculous promise to myself not to post again till I found solid gold buttons on a blazer... Well that didn't happen.  [[SPOILER]]
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