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where can i shop for them?  im in canada and will consider online stores as well, thanks.
thanks for the great input, im going to add a few specifics about the site so it gives you a better understanding on the terms and all that.   -pricing for mens clothes on the site typically shirts are anywhere under the $100 range usually between $40-65 jackets are between $100-300$ usually although there are some around the 700-900 range....i used that comparison because shirts are least expensive and jackets usually are most expensive garments, all prices are...
g star is a bit too slim fitting for me, it suits a slim build
Hey guys im currently working on the finishing touches for a new online clothing store that carries urban and street wear.  I need some opinions on what people prefer when it comes to sizing of garments, any input would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance.   Here are the 2 options, if theres another way to go about it please let me know. 1.  Measure every piece, of every size so we have exact measurements listed. 2.  Have a general sizing chart for each size...
For me i cant get enough of Supremebeing and Publish ohhh and Mark Mcnairy shoes are too sick
I dont work for superdry lol but honestly im not like most people here who like or dislikes a brand because of the name and they automatically assume they have an incredible lineup of clothes coming out or a shitty lineup coming up.  Take Hundreds for example how many people buy there gear just cause they have the huge bomb logo on it?  isnt that the same as buying other brands for say there "big patches" everywhere?  What im getting at is lota guys into streetwear like...
They're wicked especially there exclusive black label line that not everyone knows about
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