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    Greeting SF animals. Blazer good as is?  Fixes? Thanks.
This is an EXTREMELY dangerous thread to follow for those of us who don't currently need any shoes...
those were my pics. I still might grab these in Brown as the black does not look good in person. To give you an indication of sizing of the AE shoes I own. fairfax - 9.5 d ridgeway 10 b Neumok 9.5 d In the Nuemora I had to size down to a 9 d but it fit very well.
It's a Black/Red "Ridgeway" web gem..( I also have the neumok in red) ..... EXCELLENT shoes....
pics when you get them sir!
lol...right on.   I prefer this look on the weekends..
You are indeed a handsome man, thus I believe you are a lover??
I've actually been hanging around these forums for quite a while but never posted, but I've been dressing well for years and have worked loosely in fashion(on the trendy end) on and off for years.   I simply prefer spoo's clean look to a fuller look.   Nothing personal - Ever.    In fact I was laughing when I found the z cavaricci pics.   That's it.   We all have our own style.   Maybe we can make out some time after a few Martini's????
Continue to take things personally when you put yourself out there to be judged because your pants are too large for you and out of proportion.   Very adult.   "couture atlanta" surely..   Kiss right back.
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