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Thanks for the tips people. Gunna give these a bash with the insoles for a while. If the width doesn't ease up enough, I'll take the insoles out.   Thanks again.
    It's glued in. I assume It's cool to just take out? 
Now then. I'm Josh, from the UK. Arrived here looking for Yuketen advice, but will stick around most definitely.
Hey, Sorry if this stuff has been asked/spoken about already (it probably has), and sorry if it's not cool to just sign up and jump in and ask for advice like this. However, just got a pair of Maine Guide OX DB (10E. I wear 11/10.5 in most shoes) and am a little concerned about the sizing. Length wise, I think they're fine. A little heel slip but from what I gather that's normal/to be expected. If anything they're roomy. Width wise, they do feel a little tight....
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