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anyone care to help, is this legit skin? if so, what!?  
What size is that cream linen @capnwes  
Bros, I really need your help. My bestie is getting married and I'm the best man. I've taken the responsibility of outfitting all of us. Right now I'm looking for a BALLIN tux. Size: 42R-L pants: 32-32 (ish) obviously can get tailored. Ideally a traditional tuxedo (peak lapel, single button, all that) Holla at me asap, PayPal ready.
  Post or send me a pic of the bottom of the shoes
dudes, I know that I haven't posted here for A WHILE. HOWEVER, I am looking for something that has been DRIVING ME NUTS. LOOKING FOR: Solid Navy Blazer, around 38R. with surgeon cuffs, double vent. Open to partially lined and different materials. Hell, I'll settle for Tom James if it's my size with surgeon cuffs and double vented. PLEASE. WILL PAYYYY help a brotha out  
hey everyone, i know i dont post much anymore, but with two kids its crazy! so, my wife entered this contest, and we behind huge, ENDS 11:59PM EST, if yall could help out and comment on this photo (Facebook) we need like 150 more comments, so EVERYONE counts, PLEASE HELP!
Dude, Who else even comes around here anyways?  It's the rejects of the Cap'n :(
 That CA in Hanover delivered huh? ;)
Alright: revamping/upgrading my wardrobe, so I'm looking for: Workwear: button front shirts- size small/medium Jeans-31/slim 32 Quality goods. And some menswear: The staple navy blazer- 38r/slim 40 Grey trousers flat front- 31/slim 32. Casual shoes/boots/chukkas and brown wingtips (leather, or suede) 10.5
ahahaha, yeah, slightly. That's why you were last on the list
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