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Alright: revamping/upgrading my wardrobe, so I'm looking for: Workwear: button front shirts- size small/medium Jeans-31/slim 32 Quality goods. And some menswear: The staple navy blazer- 38r/slim 40 Grey trousers flat front- 31/slim 32. Casual shoes/boots/chukkas and brown wingtips (leather, or suede) 10.5
ahahaha, yeah, slightly. That's why you were last on the list
So, I know there's a b/s/t thrift thread, but more people post and read this one. But if anyone has or comes across any shawl collar cardigans, in size medium/large. I will gladly purchase. Thank you guys. Miss all the OG homies. (Spoo, eazy, fueco, 330ck, Wes, I'm missing a bunch of you, HANS)
Currently in the field with the cap'n wes.
I want this! Measurements?!!?
Yeah.....I mean, my first thought was "who the fuck is this noob?"But do we really need more off topic bullshit in this thread?
I know I haven't posted in a LONGGGG ASSSS time. But who wants to meet up in or around dc this weekend for some thrifting action?
hey guys, I've been MIA for quite a while. I know, shouldn't be asking for favors. But I need someone to do me a solid. IN NEED OF A SOLID NAVY SUIT. 38-40ish SOMEONE TAKE MY MONEY!!!!
since it won't let me quote right now, I'm just going to say: I admit I made a rookie mistake (by poorly hiding something/leaving it) But the cord jacket wasn't even my size and probably would have ended up being traded to Wes anyway. Wes always finds the good stuff. I know Wes has some goodies in my size & I have some goodies to trade what's with all these meet ups? There needs to be huge east coast get together.
perhaps jeans, but I'd go with some colorful chinos. OR MADRAS PANTS! And no black shirt. Please.
New Posts  All Forums: