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hey everyone, i know i dont post much anymore, but with two kids its crazy! so, my wife entered this contest, and we behind huge, ENDS 11:59PM EST, if yall could help out and comment on this photo (Facebook) we need like 150 more comments, so EVERYONE counts, PLEASE HELP! https://www.facebook.com/staceygillinphotography/photos/a.1129871377031212.1073741830.276315299053495/1129871813697835/?type=3&theater
Dude, Who else even comes around here anyways?  It's the rejects of the Cap'n :(
 That CA in Hanover delivered huh? ;)
Alright: revamping/upgrading my wardrobe, so I'm looking for: Workwear: button front shirts- size small/medium Jeans-31/slim 32 Quality goods. And some menswear: The staple navy blazer- 38r/slim 40 Grey trousers flat front- 31/slim 32. Casual shoes/boots/chukkas and brown wingtips (leather, or suede) 10.5
ahahaha, yeah, slightly. That's why you were last on the list
So, I know there's a b/s/t thrift thread, but more people post and read this one. But if anyone has or comes across any shawl collar cardigans, in size medium/large. I will gladly purchase. Thank you guys. Miss all the OG homies. (Spoo, eazy, fueco, 330ck, Wes, I'm missing a bunch of you, HANS)
Currently in the field with the cap'n wes.
I want this! Measurements?!!?
Yeah.....I mean, my first thought was "who the fuck is this noob?"But do we really need more off topic bullshit in this thread?
I know I haven't posted in a LONGGGG ASSSS time. But who wants to meet up in or around dc this weekend for some thrifting action?
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