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these wont last long nice shoes!
most of them are open to reasonable offers
yes the cliffords are my favourite C&J HGs, simply gorgeous and dressy. while the starrs provide a deep dype pantia and sleeker/fashion forward look, very difficult for me to let either of them go :-/
Uniqlo's offers are cheaper than $30 with a slim cut high armholes and slimmer sleeves and opening they come with merino/wool/cashmere
the grants are my favourite single monkstrap shoes that I'd never be able to grab a retail orice
saw some nice deals on the bay for 75 pounds is that a good price for the traditional brady bag?
I come across this and see if any one in 50R is interested Hermes wool jacket. Rarely seen i the market like new condition. size is 50 R. width is 18.5'inch. length is 31'inch. Beige colour with checkers Asking 800shipped(my cost was 750) from HONGKONG. the original price would be more than 2500. more photos and measurments upon request. PM for anything they are as luxurious as the Zegna suit I am offering Thanks gentlements
I can do them best at 1300 shipped but just to see if anyone would be interested if these were my size......
dear gentlements I come across this beautiful suit and just want to see if anyone would be interested from 08 S/S collection BN Size: 48 slim fit (for 175 - 183 cm tall) Jacket: ~74 cm in length, 44 cm in shoulder width, double vent Trousers: ~102 cm long Made in Italy Price:1400. (RRP 3000+) more pics and measurments upon requests PM for anything thanks
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