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Thanks for clarifying. The example calf image looks so much more chiseled and pointed than the suede. I actually thought they were totally different lasts.
On the patina page, it only shows the chukka 7991 last from the drop down box to be selected with a patina. So I can configure the chukka 160 last with a patina? Thanks
Would love to see the Carlos Santos brown suede chukka that's currently online, available in some calf options.
Given loake have now restricted online retailers shipping to Aus, I will never by another pair again. There's hardly a place in Melbourne, Aus that carries a half decent range, and now that they don't allow me to buy from my fav online retailers, they have forever lost me as a customer.
I have the exact same pair on order.I think the colour in these photos look nothing like the colour depicted on Meermins website. Did you find this was the case, or is it just your camera? im tempted to cancel my order now - they still look great but not the colour i thought i was originally going to get.Thanks for uploading the pics.
Like a 8.5 US
Price drop, now asking $190 ono
Like new condition. These boots were a special request build and aren't available through the Meermin website, I waited 2 months for these beauties to be made - black calf chukka on the Hiro last with leather soles.   But the 7.5 UK Hiro last is too narrow for my foot. Ive only worn these twice to church on sundays and are in like new condition. Have used shoe tree's in the short time i've owned them.   Bought for $285 AUD delivered, asking price is $210 AUD ono...
This is my favourite colour. I have the exact same pair. Looks great with raw denim.
It took me awhile to even notice that guy standing in the middle. But to answer your question, he doesnt look anything great . I see heaps of guys around my work dressed like this. Collars are in pathetic shape and he looks frumpy overall. The company he is with however.....
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