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I am a little worried about Newcastle beating City somehow, not even going to watch. We always come close and then let it slip away.
^ Not nearly as impressive. It is easier to power one in while the keeper is sleeping.
Cissé just scored possibly the best goal in the EPL this DECADE.
Beat Barcelona, get scored on by Newcastle.
A bad idea how so? Screw em. 
^ Sergio Ramos' miss is so last week.
So happy. It's about time that we took our rightful place in the EPL. ^ And what he said. Surely we can hold on for two games, though.
Nobody wants to see a CL final without Madrid or Barcelona these days. This might be the worst final of all time and Sloth Ribery will hurt viewers because everyone will be projectile vomiting during it.
Doesn't Madrid need to score 3 and have a clean sheet? Not completely familiar with how it works. I thought it worked on aggregate but apparently they value away goals more and I remember the commentators saying that Barcelona needed to win by 2 goals yesterday in order to go through.
When can I quote posts and post images, videos, etc without waiting for a mod to approve them?
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