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any word on bison availability?
been wearing HD 2013 for the last 6 months for indoor ball since I wanted more ankle coverage. not bad for the price on clearance, but not amazing either. still prefer my kobe vi for true performance.
I actually like my color 8 to be darker because it gives a nice contrast with antique natural soles. Just use some Reno to take off the polish. Wax polish doesn't absorb very well into cordovan from my experience. It'll come off with a good cleaning.
these are nice.
i've ordered from them. ask them for Royal Mail. and they usually lower the value as well.
double leather. put a topy if you're worried about slipping or wet conditions. can't even see it
no dont. plenty of posts on it on the CM side. alden is great for what it is. nobody is saying to compare it St Crispins or Vass. but you can go try and get a cordovan boot from St.C and you will be paying close to $3k.
same for me. e in barrie and d in trubalance, but i've only worn mostly cordovan.
i find black oxfords can be quite useful and is a nice changeup to my boots.
yes bad job. you should let people know where you had it done so we can avoid this place
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