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is there a restock planned for those carmina 531's?
I've bought several rolexes from David. Never an issue with the purchase. Haven't had the need for warranty work, but the cards were stamped and dated, but open name. I've also received discount offers for SS models in US AD's in NJ, but not NYC. Go to rolexforums for David's daily listings and info.
On wrist: [/quote] that watch looks really nice. that's 38.5? what's your wrist size? and what's the lug width?
How about if you only wear boots, but made by the higher end brands such as EG, Vass, Viberg, and Alden? Does that make you a boot guy or a fashion guy?
The 372 is massive. I wear a 243 which itself is pretty big, but the 372 just felt too big. I would probably avoid it as a daily wearer. For 10K, I would just get a minty daytona and call it a day, especially if you are looking for sporty watch with good resale value.
feels like an old NDC release for you sneakerheads
my welts have darkened a little on my eatons, but i wear them in all conditions including rain/slush/snow. no products necessary.
In my limited experience, the quality of shell finishing goes Alden > Vass > Carmina > C&J. My lindricks were thirsty for venetian almost daily.
Dudes need to pick up those Vass high boots. I wore mine all day yesterday. No break in period. Most comfortable quality boots I've worn in a while.
I bought the 41 today.I am a 7.5 Barrie, and these are a bit wider, but the length is similar.
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