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café racer in that grey would be hot
grey horsehide for the win
2030 7.5indy 7.5DKenton 8DKenton is most narrow of the 3. I need a thin sock to wear while I use thicker hikers with the others.
i want
I would go the route of 1 size down from US/Brannock. If they are slightly big, thicker socks or a thin insole usually works for boots. I would rather larger than smaller size for footwear issues.
I believe that is why she recommended 8E.
the more sun exposure, the lighter the shell gets. you can leave it in the sun, but most wouldnt recommend to do it for very long
I like the darker shade. My whiskey cordovan from C&J is similarly dark.
looney may be what my wife calls me when she finds out I bought 2 of the same shoes in one day.of course if the shoes are in good condition, I will just wear them as is. only preparing for the worst case scenario.
just go sun tanning and it'll get there.
New Posts  All Forums: