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the first scratch on my shoes or watch feels like somebody kicked me in my nutsack. after that, it worsens heartburn for a while. and then you have patina and everything is glorious.
i think the big kahuna's comments were made in jest and not out of arrogance. don't take it so seriously. we are talking about boots.
there is always the topic of how cxl sucks balls
I don't recall how mine had come. My natural shell boots have the unfinished welt as well with darker edges so I thought that was standard.
another reason I snatched a pair of the 2030 boondockers. wasn't sure if there would be any more SD boondockers down the road.
I regret not getting a 110 boondocker back when they were available. I settled on a 2030 version to fill that void.
what is different on these? the color is very cigarish
increased production and efficiency
I doubt he invested in new tech/machinery to not use it to it's full potential.
not a bad price with the 20% off.there's too much vamp space though
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