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there will be another natty shell order in the future. but it'll be an unglazed version. who knows when, but they seem to release a shell boot every 3-4 months.
rumor has it you guys will be stocking some Truman boots. what makeups are you bringing in?
Epaulet Field Jacket Scattered Camo Size L New/Unworn http://epauletnewyork.com/products/field-jacket-11oz-heavyweight-canvas-scatter-camo fits too small for me so letting go at cost plus shipping. will be shipped usps
they can do rivets, but they are fickle about itradiance hsin got some boots with rivets
the shoemart has it. and I believe Alden may be making a similar stock version soon.
nice. sounds like I may enjoy boost. I just ordered the Rose 6 Primeknit this morning to try out.
thx. there's any Adidas thread here?I've always been a zoom air guy, but the first iteration of lunar in the kobe iv was my favorite cushioning. but it wasn't durable at all. I was curious if boost may be similar to that type of lunar cushioning.
any old nike heads like the new Adidas boost bball shoes? thinking of trying out a pair for balling.
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