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nice. did those just come in? 1st or 2nds
I have a feeling #6 is not going to make the next cut
more likely in about 6-8 months based on how other models have been coming in.
depends on the welt color. one light and one dark would be fine as they are very different.
I think once every month or two is more than enough to prevent drying. I use to do it monthly, but now it's every 3-4 months or so.
What is the ETA for people to get the tan bison boot? I would like to see some on foot pics before deciding to get in on the next run.
Barrie E same in 4497Barrie D is 1/2 down in 4497
I've found that changing widths on different lasts works better than changing the length. For instance, I use to wear 7.5D on TB and Barrie and 8D in Leydon/Grant. I found 7.5E to work better in Leydon and Grant with dress socks. I've stayed with 7.5D in TB, but have gone up to 7.5E in Barrie so I can wear thicker socks.
add in 10 dream watches to that
New Posts  All Forums: