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get the most expensive one you can afford. it's always easier to flip downwards in price rather than upwards if you don't like it.
Crockett & Jones Lindrick Whiskey Shell Cordovan Last 335 Size 7E UK Worn a few times and fit is just not right for me. Will ship with shoe bags. No box. Price includes shipping in CONUS. Paypal ok.
Finally joined the Daytona club.
I like that white snoopy model, but I would never pay more than msrp for it. gonna wait for a speedy/mickey collab.
@Epaulet Thedi jacket received. Crazy nice for the price! Thanks again. usps tracking was not updating so it kept saying it had not shipped yet until day of delivery.
I concur. best out of the entire line in looks and comfort. they need to properly retro the dunkman and the cool grey version.
David SW makes shoes?
SIHH time always makes me makes want sell off my watches so I can go buy the latest and greatest. I am digging the new 42mm Panerai Sub. But then I feel like I should just save up and just get the AP diver that I really want.
I don't need these, but I may want these.
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