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I don't mind the sprung toe or a fully structured munster toebox, but the combination makes it a bit too much for the average joe like me. Yo Joe!
Finally got to check out the cigar indy's in natural light. It's still darker than the old cigar from what I remember. I had a pair of these 8 years ago that I sold off and these seem a bit darker still.
something def off therebut not because of the boots
who did you swindle these from?
it's usually no problem to switch lasts. they just have to approve it.
damn, I need to take mine of the box and check them out. color looks good
focus people. u have a chance to get a cool boot made now old school style. lets not waste it.
Just throwing this out there for any 2045 guys 2045 Nail down/Stitchdown Scout Boot leather options 1. All Vintage Mocha 2. All Natural Bison 3. 2 Tone - mocha on the quarter panel, bison on vamp/heel antique brass eyelets natural welt vibram half sole and heel (open to the mini ripple sole if anyone else is)
vintage mocha looks better than the version on .com
yeah, kinda annoyed no 7.5 when I saw these. I find the 2045 is the perfect last for my feet.
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