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Luckily got in on the alt weins as well. Now for the wait.
yes.the GOAT
are we talking 5K and under or around 5K? if you can stretch a bit to $5500-$5800, I would go with a modern pre-owned Rolex. also a Panerai Radiomir 183 is sporty and classy enough for a suit.
My favorites at the moment. They would be perfect if they were all eyelets. or in Cigar Cordovan.
noreaster boots Vass for Epaulet
For those of you who wear Alden commando soles, do you feel the heel is elevated/higher than regular double leather soles? The Indy boots look and feel elevated to me, but not sure on the Alden commandos.
Any final decision on the cordovan boots? And when will the preorders will go up?
The aberdeen fits quite narrow at the toes which is why I prefer the Barrie. The alt wein looks better on a "chunky" last.
Barrie last for me please, in E width. I think double leather would look nicer, but can do commando as well.
The hype is building even before any comment from Epaulet on the possibility of doing this boot.
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