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don't know where the picture went, but I know where the boots are going. santa will be dropping them off in the next week or so.
I was denied purchases for anything cigar or ravello in the past from LS. No issues with color 8 or black shell. They told me I had to be there in person to purchase. Then I see a few people here ordered and received the same model. When I called to ask about it, the person I spoke to confirmed that they give first priority to their big buyers. Whatever is unsold is then released to the public. No big deal. It's fine with me. Just be up front about it. Plenty of...
my bad. didn't know the number went up since 2009
sorry bro, straight from their mouth when I spoke to them about getting ravello shoes
whatever works for them. they cater to the ballers who visit from overseas. buy 10 pairs of EGs and you get the chance at a limited edition Alden.sucks for everyone else.
seen it on IG. Brett V usually puts up shots of upcoming boots.
the next makeup looks to be natural shell plain toe boot on a new last with leather soles
those don't look like horween cordovan creases to my eye. horween cordovan typically rolls. my comipel cordovan creases a little like calf.
Great boots! How do you ship to the US? And VAT removed?
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