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I have flat feet and I really don't care for the raised arch area on the 2030 last. I don't know if this is present on other lasts as well. I thought it was just that particular model with the vibram sole.
I love these. I've been wearing them 3 times a week since getting them. They look more like whiskey cordovan to me.and yes, customs friendly to the US.
I cannot see how crepe can have good traction on snow/ice. There aren't any ridges or tread to give you traction.
f-ing love these.details please.
i can foresee the next GMTO with black tumbled leather
Haha, I have a feeling that's true.  I think the reason that I haven't been bitten by it yet is due to the lack of black shell with antique edge.  There are some amazing looking Viberg's that were posted a few weeks back when this topic came up in here.  If someone makes a natural color welt/edge trim, that's where the trouble will really begin! [/quote] alden does not make black shell with antique edge any more.
haven't balled in kobe's since they went to all lunarlon. looks like the x's will have zoom again. i may have to try them out.
i ball in super fly 2's. best bang for your buck for ballin when you get em on sale.
as well as the plaza wt boot reorder that I am waiting for.
I know jgilbert has been trying to get a color 8 version done, but Alden has not given them the ok.
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