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will the moto jacket fit similar to other golden bear jackets? I have only worn the varsity jackets in the past.
i've noticed that context's prices are usually higher than other retailers. the snuff roy boots usually go for around 550 and they are charging 595.
you should be ashamed of yourself
I've been wearing my 2045 boots a lot recently. They are quite comfortable. They just look very beastly relative to the 2030.
where's the link?
Having compared GYW and stitchdown side by side, I noticed that the stitchdown looks sleeker from the the side profile. There is one less layer in the sole due to the welt in GYW. So from certain perspectives, the GYW looks chunkier than the stitchdown boots even if the footprint is smaller. I see nothing wrong with Viberg going to gyw. I just wished they would've lowered the price on their gyw boots. Clearly it was a cost efficient move on their end, but the savings...
doesnt everybody?
I'm guessing 2200-2500/month
Here is a RLPL Navy Sportcoat by St. Andrews in 40S. Rarely worn. 2 button Double Vents Functional button holes Approximate Measurements: Chest 40.5 inches Sleeve 23.5 inches Shoulders 18.5 inches Back (below collar) 29 inches
this is truly bonkers.if you can afford galways, you can afford to buy a couple pair of sneakers.
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