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aren't those few seconds of lacing up worth it to just to get one more look at your boots? don't tell me you don't look down at your boots at least 10 times a day. the hem protection is just an added benefit.
This is what I remember reading from years back. Then others were saying it's not true. I am pretty sure Ralph Lauren uses D widths on all their UK made footwear which is why people are having issues with the conversion.
Finally added the SBB 1 to the collection.
not sure yet. will look at it in sunlight
my thanksgiving weekend haul
not a lock to hit sale prices. just may take a while to sell out like the v's. if u like them, just hold them. there's no time limit to return.on another note, got lucky with some yeezys that i plan to flip to get me some sbb 1s.
curious, what does one have to do with the other?these look great and i would cop if they were around 175
thx. hopefully they fit and aren't in terrible shapeI will unload them here at cost if they don't fit.
I just bought the DC captoes after reading this post. The Shoemart rocks!
New Posts  All Forums: