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I've found that changing widths on different lasts works better than changing the length. For instance, I use to wear 7.5D on TB and Barrie and 8D in Leydon/Grant. I found 7.5E to work better in Leydon and Grant with dress socks. I've stayed with 7.5D in TB, but have gone up to 7.5E in Barrie so I can wear thicker socks.
add in 10 dream watches to that
How can you be a member since '08 and not have a pair of $700 boots? You're not drinking enough of the kool-aid here.Any quality boot should last your lifetime assuming normal./average wear. You will need a resole here and there.An SF Boot MTO thread for all makers is not a bad idea. It would be easy to find the latest MTOs.
any reputable cobbler can replace your heels. it's quite simple.
good to know.. will wait and see when they arrive in store how they look.
@Akeem @mdubs How can we get ahold of Yenni? And is she still in charge of the JGilbert IG account? (it's possible she created it so she'd still have access). yenni@brickmortarseattle.com all her info is on Alden of Carmel site.
If you guys didn't know already, Yenni from JGilbert is opening up another store this week. She's got some cordovan models planned that I know you guys may be interested in. Color 8 Indy on antique/commando Color 8 WT boot antique/commando on plaza Color 8 Indy on plaza Color 8 NST boot on antique/commando on plaza I am in for the indy with antique soles.
Actually need 21 mm for my watch and possibly 24 mm as well.
what sizes will you be offering in both styles?
Anybody up for another GMTO? Looking to do something similar to the LS Alden Pitt boots/Epaulet Shitkicker boots Low Logger Style plain toe boot 4497 last Black Shell Cordovan (Comipel) Natural 270 flat welt with close heel Dainite sole Brass eyelets Black calf bellows tongue I was quoted 412.5 gbp by Richard at the Shoehealer.
New Posts  All Forums: