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they be galways I would guess
Size 7.5E on 379X last on commando soles. Gently worn. No major scratches or damage, normal signs of wear. The fit isn't ideal for me due to the high arch support. I would consider selling for the right price so let me know.
Aged bark looks pretty good for a sears boot. I'd kop a plain toe version.
thats a redwing pictured. but viberg and club monaco? that's an odd match. let's see if they hit the sales rack and you get to pick em up for 30% off.
i think the leather is pretty cool, but Viberg is always using "rare" leathers. You can say the same for their unicorn leather or tan bison.
underpriced?it's already priced above their horsehide boots.
still not a fan of the corded sole no matter how tough it is. I think its the specks of white. reminds me of nike sneakers where speckled soles were all the rage.
maybe you should wait till you see the chromepak. I was planning on selling or returning them as well, but that was before I held them in hand. The leather is quite interesting in person. I may unload some other stuff instead and hold on to these.
I have a pair of unworn Coffee Chromepack Service boots in 7.5 purchased from Viberg.com. Need to make room in the closet and I don't really need these. If anyone missed out and wants a 7.5, here is your chance. Price includes shipping in CONUS. http://viberg.com/collections/footwear/products/service-boot-coffee-chromepack
New Posts  All Forums: