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I don't need these, but I may want these.
let us know how it sizes. thx
I like those HAVEN boots, but I wouldn't drop that kind of cash on them.
I like the look of the unglazed navy shell. it's a bit plain for $1100 though. a toecap or some nickel eyelets would be a nice touch. as for sizing, I feel the GYW is tighter in the same size as SD, but the same length. It's enough for me to size up a .5.
I hated the tumbled leather when they first started retroing jordans eons ago. I thought the quality was lacking. Now it seems the tumbled leather seems higher quality than the smooth pleather they are using.
Go TTS. End of story.
Trubalance has a little bit of arch support, so I've had occasional issues with my flat feet. Never had any issue with the barrie or plaza. The worst fit for me has been the 379X and Modified.
What happened to the Brixton line? Nobody does a wingtip boot like Alden. I am guessing it's not unique enough to set it apart from other retailers? I concur with others that you should keep a few core models around. Forget the preorders for new styles. Nobody wants to wait 2 years for boots. Better to be surprised with a new model every now and then rather than getting frustrated waiting.
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