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I think the snuff wtb boots were so hot, they sold out instaneously
you still have a bit to go. at this point you can either wear it down until you have a couple mm left of the rubber and replace the toplift or you can add heel taps now to preserve it a bit longer. any competent cobbler can do this. but not everyone carries the good stuff.
i like those eyelets on the white trainers. small detail that makes the shoe pop
is it all eyelets? I would jump in on that.
for the casual/work boot styles I think the gusseted tongue is more appropriate. for the cordovan and dressier styles, I think it's perfectly fine to not have a gusseted tongue. I believe the tan horsehides and cordovan boots would fit in the latter category. I will note that the gusseted tongue staying in place feels better than the shifting I feel in certain boots without the gusseted tongue.
thx for reply. i've read 1/2 size difference b/w TB and Plaza. but I was considering increasing the width on the plaza instead.
shoot, how does plaza size compared to Trubalance? does anyone go up in width compared to trubalance?
why not just wear them with regular fitting jeans?
you can easily get $50 for these, maybe even $55.
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