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there's no haggling on Rolex in HK. standard 5% discount across the board at every AD. I was offered 10% on JLC and Patek. No budging at all.
namor, how did you size between F, R, P2?
these are very nice. i may look into something like this. what's the cost if i may ask?
concur on the value of trickers. but there is a limit to how many teak cordovan boots i can own. most of us are not fortunate enough to be like aportnoy or zippy or mdubs. i do like my alden, trickers, and vibergs more than others though.
Anybody get the AM 95 neons today?
can the sleeves even be shortened?
sorry, meant your pair looks better with some wear on them.
looks even better with some wear
similar experience. sold off some daytrippers that didnt' fit right after dainite conversion by them. add it to the loss column for me.
Mike, does the golden bear leather jacket fit like their typical classic fit?
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