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I bought the 41 today.I am a 7.5 Barrie, and these are a bit wider, but the length is similar.
Jumper boot only b/c of the speed hooks on the pitt boots which I don't really like
I was quoted $16/eyelet last year to change speed hooks to eyelets. Decided against it.
this preorder is starting to sound like a Nike/JB drop. get the countdown timer ready.
chocolate suede indys
I've been rocking chocolate suede indy's for the last week. Got mine from North River Outfitter.
Dude, that's an easy call. Cigar cordovan trumps cxl every time.
I would be pissed after 1 day of wear. Doesn't matter that it will eventually happen in a few months to years. That's like saying a button on my shirt came off the first time I wore it. It's no big deal, it would have happened after a few months of wearing it. You paid for "quality" and you should expect quality.
isn't there some patent infringement going on if the itshide soles are identical to dainite?
nba at its best was the 90's on nbc. really miss that theme song.
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