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a stitchdown sneaker boot would be cool. I think Fok had tried to create something along those lines early on.
nice segway to show off the bambino
depends on the watch and style you are looking forI've bought from leffot and leathersoul before and those were pretty durable. I've bought from indie makers and it was hit or miss depending on the maker.
Very nice. I remember when these first came out. LS had some money makeups in cigar back in the day. These, the pitt boots, and the jumpers. Maybe they still do, but just don't advertise them. 1/2 size smaller and these would've been mine. I did place a bid early on just for kicks.
more like dreaming of a 2045 shell boot.
aged bark is the cxl. they use it all the time.
i'd settle for a 2030 stitchdown or a 2045 gyw. nickel eyelets too.
Interesting. I was told the unglazed natural shell would in the near future. Maybe that'll be pushed to next year.2045 Black shell stitchdown please.
welts are usually pre-wheeled so I think they can just pick which welt to use.
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