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not sure of the 2040 vs 2030. I've tried on the 2040 and it felt a little bigger than 2030, but I don't know if it's enough to size down.
my wallet is happy. I was iffy on these.
wow, the hype is real with these.
awesome dude. I can't believe I passed up on these a couple years back. now back on the wait list.
On  Friday, July 3 at Noon (PST)  we will be releasing four versions of our Service Boot in Italian Calfskin: Beige, Grey, Charcoal and Plum.  Built on the 2030 Last and featuring a Blind Eyelets, a Dainite Sole and a Natural Split Welt. why would they add a storm welt to these dressy leather boots? it would much cleaner without.
that really sucks. I hesitate to order overseas just because of these types of experiences. but sometimes there's something I really want and I take the gamble. good luck with your decision.
the corded sole is more authentic, but imo doesnt look as good as dainite
I am starting to like black shell more and more. May have to start looking a pair.
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