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feels like an old NDC release for you sneakerheads
my welts have darkened a little on my eatons, but i wear them in all conditions including rain/slush/snow. no products necessary.
In my limited experience, the quality of shell finishing goes Alden > Vass > Carmina > C&J. My lindricks were thirsty for venetian almost daily.
Dudes need to pick up those Vass high boots. I wore mine all day yesterday. No break in period. Most comfortable quality boots I've worn in a while.
I bought the 41 today.I am a 7.5 Barrie, and these are a bit wider, but the length is similar.
Jumper boot only b/c of the speed hooks on the pitt boots which I don't really like
I was quoted $16/eyelet last year to change speed hooks to eyelets. Decided against it.
this preorder is starting to sound like a Nike/JB drop. get the countdown timer ready.
chocolate suede indys
I've been rocking chocolate suede indy's for the last week. Got mine from North River Outfitter.
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