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my new whiskeys. actually more ravello-ish IRL
got it.just messing with a fellow shell-head
once you go shell, you can never go back.
I've always thought the main difference between C&J and EG was the quality of leather used and hand antiquing applied.
Ed sent out emails early April with a 6 month delivery window. More likely at least 8-12 months if not more based on past history. I remember hearing something like 24 pairs. Would be a nice Christmas present if they arrive in December.
a couple more shots of the lindricks
I had this thought as well and almost did it instead of the lindricks. But I don't it can replace the whiskey indy. The Gianni/Galway toe stitching it too pointy to look like the indy.
lindrickwhiskey shell335 lastantique storm weltbrown dainite soles
Shell-king, these are fantastic.I kinda miss my pair after seeing all these photos.
I contacted him yesterday about a sole conversion. His work seems legit. Although I noticed he stitches across the middle of the soles. Curious why he does that.
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