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The 'style your dog' is tried and proven 
This would be hilarious. I'm imagining some sick coats like pork's or mbaum's and then wives/gfs/sisters trying to rock the same pieces. But, as ghostface said, probably a low turnout...
I actually like your lineup the most, has a lot of variation in style and color, but doesn't have too many options. @fistinyoface let us know when you decide which are the less worn  
Dammit porks where was this post last night?? That coat is straight pimpin! Looks better on you than in their catalogue. I'm really excited to see what KKA comes up with for their next season.
Anything past the hip feels like a 'long coat' in my book.
Curious because I'm in Seattle as well. Who is the cobbler that has such a quick turnaround? I've heard good things about Dave Page, but he has quite a backlog.
I love this fit so much KG. I dream of the day I'll have a closet of Yohji to ball out in  Shirt is Takayuki? I'd be interested in knowing more about it
 Thanks Stitches! I do like the image of you sitting in an antique armchair by fire, wine in one hand and dictating SF posts to your iphone in the other.
Yeah, too bad they're discontinued! My favorite pair, but gonna need some work soon if I want to keep wearing them.   [[SPOILER]] It got chilly in Seattle this week so I took the fur off my A2 and started wearing scarves. I really need to find a nice peacoat or learn to survive in cold climates... TOJ A2Uniqlo scarfMMM sweaterBig John jeansCommon Projects The MMM sweater is really cool, it has different shades of tan for the front, back, and arms.
Ah sorry slipped my mind
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