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If its a size 3, sell it to me! My arms can handle the length 
Damn the fabrics from Araki Yuu and Ansnam look incredible. Any chance the sizing would work for tall lanky white boys?
I own the IS bag and use it pretty much daily, and as much as I love it, it's not a good laptop bag. It gives the bag odd pointy angles, and because of the sling style anything too heavy in it will flop around a ton while walking. It is great for carrying a light jacket, frisbee, sunglasses etc, but not a good work bag.
This is actually kind of exciting. I'd be super interested to see his leather research.
Looks interesting, but really small production and most everything is sold out. From the two sites I was able to read that that the designer graduated from a fashion institute, he works by hand on all of the garments, and the fabrics used are original for the brand.
As long as we're excited about Individual Sentiments:   FW16 Preview
A pair of the black kangaroo, actually. I think I posted a mediocre picture a page or two back. Getting around to some real fit shots eventually!
Just received mine last week. What you've heard is accurate. I'm a 44 in most brands and Holger recommended 44. Fit is spot on, if a tad narrow, but as a guy with average width feet it doesn't bother me unless I'm walking a ton.
KKA FW14 Jodphur pants in cotton/ramie. Pretty cool pant, but was hard to pair with shoes until now :)
  New sneakers arrived! Ordered from Holger, he nailed sizing and really hooked me up. +1 to his already stellar reputation. 
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