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Do you know what sizes are available? Seems their site is under construction.
@nicelynice Yeah, I'm looking at the 5-p sail hemp, hopefully in black. I'm really into the relaxed thigh and tight ankle in the fits you've posted. The inseam will work for taller dudes, right?
I've never been able to reconcile with LUC's pocket design, but I suppose I'm just being nitpicky.
Those damn L-0 pants sell out in size 48 so fast :(
I asked Holger what he received, and it seems like he's carrying the whole collection. His staff is on holiday so no specifics yet, but worth a shot if you haven't asked.
@AlexanderTG How are the lengths on your size 3 for the KKA jacket?
Those buttons got me unreasonably excited. Same with Individual Sentiments pieces this season. I'm not even into the fabrics, but I want to buy it just to touch the buttons...
If its a size 3, sell it to me! My arms can handle the length 
Damn the fabrics from Araki Yuu and Ansnam look incredible. Any chance the sizing would work for tall lanky white boys?
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