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Been lurking in this thread a long while now and finally got myself into the baller footwear game. Thought I'd share with you all, since the brand isn't very well represented in this thread. I bought the navy colorway, since it was impossible to find a 29 in the black, but it ended up being a really unique color that I fell in love with. The cow shoulder is very fine on the surface and has an awesome matte appearance. Isamu Katayama Backlash Belgium Shoulder Derby...
Surprisingly, your data points (At an estimated 37, 20, 13) fit almost perfectly into a nice inverse power equation:   y=37.4x^(-0.945) r^2=.9976   By this estimate (and rounding down a bit) you'll be able to get your next TOJ piece in 10 emails! Getting down to one email will take you 37 jackets, and for Charly to telepathically place your order you'll need to buy 97. That first goal seems pretty reasonable, though.
Hey guys, I've got a TBS code worth $30 that expires tomorrow, October 31st and there's nothing I'm interested in. Paypal only, in the essence of time.
I've owned those reverse fades for about four months, only worn them ~2 weeks overall though. They fade to the blue really fast, and I love the way it looks. Can't imagine how awesome they'd be with 6 months of wear!
    Thanks to the both of you! I just purchased a new pair of 3sixteen ST100x, so seeing as its sanforized the only reason I'd do a soak is to prevent indigo loss during the first wash, right? I assume I wouldn't even be washing them for quite a while anyways.
I read a lot about people doing an initial soak of their jeans as soon as they arrive. What is the point/goal of this soak? What is the process?
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