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44 was not produced for the domestic market, so unless some overseas retailer ordered them you might be out of luck.
@sinnedk Another late note on the hoodie topic, I own the KKA piece from SS15. Really nice slim cut and good lengths for taller guys. The hand pockets can kind of flare open, but it doesn't bother me.
Really had a wonderful time and some wonderful food with you all today! Big thanks to Nicelynice for being the guide for the day, every time we meet up I feel like I'm vacationing in my own city. I'd post some pictures of our meals but I'm sure there are some better shots than I took with my phone, and I don't want to spoil the glamour.
@nicelynice thanks for tagging me, I've been slacking on my SF reading!   I'm 200% down for eating, drinking, touring, and singing like a bunch of idiots. And of course, nerding out about clothes.
Thanks for the tip! I went down there earlier this week and tried on everything in Tokyu Hands, then went over to Montbell and decided on the Superfeet. The leather is still a tough beast for my feet, but they fit now  Also, PM sent about lunch! Thanks for the ID! No lining.Quote:Wow what are the chances? The smooth scarred leather on mine is more on the front upper and front shaft of my boots, while it transitions to the rough brown on the heel and back of the shaft....
They were tagged at 140,000yen, but with bit of small talk with the sales people tossed in an LM Altieri coat for basically nothing, since its so hard for them to sell shoes of my size. Total ended up being a bit more than 1200USD for both (praise the exchange rate). Awesome, thanks for the tips, I'll get down there sometime soon! We also need to find some time to meet up. Next week things should settle down for me, so I'll let you know my schedule soon  
Finally had some decent free time to check out the second hand shops in Shibuya today, and man did I luck out. Can anyone help me identify the leather or possible year? Just curious, as they're definitely going in my wardrobe  Also, @nicelynice, any good places to try on insoles in the area? They're a touch big, but definitely will be snug with a little extra padding.
Just arrived yesterday so I need to make some time to see Carrefour and AL Select, and any other small shops you can recommend  I'll PM you when I figure out my schedule!
I may have just missed you yesterday, I was in Lift checking out MA+ and CCP for about an hour in the afternoon. Really beautiful stuff, almost picked up a wallet, if I hadn't already ordered a custom iolom one.
I like the idea in theory. We could do something a bit more relaxed, like SWD in "formal". Think a night at the Opera or something along those lines.
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