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Just go at Starbucks and start talking to a hot chick. 
There are some decent Cs are going to be Free Agents this summer. They can get players to the likes of Kaman, Haddadi, Fesenko, Camby, Aaron Gray. 
If you want something you could start, maybe try those cheap ones first. You can try CK Be, Davidoff Cool Waters, Burberry Brit, and etc. It's summer, they are perfect for this season!
Sorry. Double post.
  SHOES: Stockhomme SOCKS: H&M PANTS: No brand name
LOL. I'd never spend more than $15 for a bottle of wine. I'm repping this wine for couple of years now...
Go to clubs every Friday and Saturday night like at Guv, Muzik and etc.
Most people on Bay St are mostly from Rothman and Ivey.
Do you guys know any decent Tailors in Cebu? I will home for 2 weeks at the end of the year. How much do you think an average price for a pair of suit in the Pinas? To all Tailors here, please PM me if you have connections there, that would be great.
Hi Mr Preppy Guy here. I always find myself here in this forum everytime I ask Google questions about style. So I decided to sign-up. I became interested in suits, and dressing sharp since I saw the TV show called "White Collar", the main character his name is Neal Caffrey (my avatar) played by Matt Bomer always wears a suit and since then I want to have casual suits. I became a subscriber of GQ as well.   I currently only have 2 suits: 2 button white suit and double...
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