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 I replied by PM.
Any rugby fans want a proxy? $35 at BE. Large
Available for proxy: Large marmot driclime flex pants for $33 + tax and shipping. New with tags
AE Sanfords 10.5 EEE available at my cost ($26) + shipping. Great condition, minus some small scuffs on the toe
Sorry Ian, I think a child is about the last thing I would want in a trade.
From the last couple weeks...   Zegna cashmere 40R. This is unvented, but it's so pretty. Available. 17.75, chest 21, waist 20, length 29.5, sleeves 24 +2"   John Varvatos mainline. Slim and long armed medium. Available. Shoulders 19, Length 29, chest 21, waist 19, under arm to sleeve 19.5, should to sleeve 27      Unavailable.      Taylor Stitch for the Solitary Arts. Likely going to ebay.   Filson Medium Mackinaw vest. Likely going to...
Congrats on a great weekend! Looking forward to seeing some stuff on B&S or eBay.
Billy Reid that I paid $30 for from BE. Like new and super nice. Available for cash or a great trade.  Shoulders 16.5, Chest 20.5. sleeves 26.25         Arc'Teryx for my wife. Tie for me.      RRL Large. Nice, except for two flaws, one on the elbow of the sleeve, another on the side, by the hip. Available.  Shoulders 20, Chest 23.5, waist 23, Sleeves 24.5, Length 30.25         [[SPOILER]]   Suede Orvis 40R. Available Chest 22.5, Shoulders 19, Sleeves 26, Waist 21.5,...
Anyone want proxy on these PRL 33x32 2x pleat or large shirt seersucker items? Blake fit
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