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I was looking for some shoes like, this and found these from J Crew.       Incotex x2 that fit. I really like the tan/brown wool ones.   Assorted ties for myself.    My wife always wears my Mountain Hardwear Monkeyman fleece around the house because it's so warm and comfy, so I was excited when I found her one
I replied to Cap's original response, but I looked at the old sheet and decided to keep going with mine because it was it more thorough. I think it can streamline the trading process much more effectively (by including fields for ideal shoulder measurements or a range of acceptable shoulder measurements for instance). Mine is more of a catalog of sizes and preferences as opposed to a trading ring. 
You're right- it exists, but I made a new one because it fizzled out a long time ago, newcomers don't know about it and it doesn't contain the detailed sizing and trading preferences that this new one does. I also plan on keeping people aware of its existence every once in a while. 
I’ve created a google form that, when filled out by thrifting regulars, creates a database with all responses about sizing, wants, basic personal information, and trading preferences that users can both search and filter. I believe this database will: -Streamline the trading process with new and existing trading partners -Strengthen relationships between existing trading partners, facilitate new relationships -Provide in-field notes about traders’ up-to-date...
Available PRL Blackwatch Lambswool Vest, Large. Chest is 22.25", Length 24"       Last week 1ofthecoolkids and I found my lifetime supply of khakis- 3 NWT, un-hemmed Bill's Khakis, 1 Bill's Khakis, and 2 BB  
Cooper A-2, Size 46. This is available to someone who will put in the effort to find stuff for a slim 36R.      Rugby pants and RL Rugby for my wife:   Cashmere cardigan & J Crew Corduroy for me     Large Barbour Fleece. Available.      [[SPOILER]]       [[SPOILER]]       Large Pendleton in excellent condition. Available.    P2P: 23 Length: 28.5 Sleeves: 23.75   Also, not thrift prices, but my wife picked up these chairs for my birthday the other week from a resale...
Anyone want me to pick up this BB outerwear medium jacket? $15 made in china, but I think it's cool. Send me a PM ASAP.
Yeah, thanks. I've got my RSS feeds setup, but wanted to put it out there as best I could. 
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