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I wouldn't say it's an auto kop for me. It would depend on wear, as it doesn't look to be a high end piece from the pic. I'm trying to not pick up worn stuff though.
Mountain Hardwear Not Available   Baracuta Not Available   Avirex Not Available
J Crew medium from this year. Available Chest 21.5",  Sleeves from shoulder to cuff 25.75", Shoulders 18.5, Length 29.7"  Ascot Chang Available Chest 21.75 ",  Sleeves from shoulder to cuff 22.5"Sleeves from collar to cuff 29.5", Shoulder 19", Length 30.5", Neck 15.25"     [[SPOILER]]  Filson wool shirt. 40. Available for trade only. Chest 24 ",  Sleeves from shoulder to cuff 23.25", Shoulder 18.25", Length 31" Acne 32x34. Available. Waist 17" pulled straight, TL 45",...
Pm for proxy. Pendleton medium $20
Just an FYI: My local Club Monaco had a few different styles of pocket squares for $3-5.
I finished another dog sweater using this SC: Holiday 2013 line: Also these thrifted Spode coasters are NOT AVAILABLE, so don't even think about asking for them.
Thrift fit with awkward stance J crew waxed cotton RRL denim (thanks 1ofthecoolkids) Timberland (dsw)
Pm for proxy on 36w Unis denim chinos $15
You're right. That doesn't really look vintage. It doesn't strike me as current either.
4x J Crew Small from this year. I gave these to my friend.   Future dog sweaters. Pendleton + Blackwatch (nordstrom)      The rest is available.  Women's Vintage Adidas. Small. Chest 18.5, Length 21, Shoulders 16.76, Sleeves from shoulder to cuff 20"
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