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You're right. That doesn't really look vintage. It doesn't strike me as current either.
4x J Crew Small from this year. I gave these to my friend.   Future dog sweaters. Pendleton + Blackwatch (nordstrom)      The rest is available.  Women's Vintage Adidas. Small. Chest 18.5, Length 21, Shoulders 16.76, Sleeves from shoulder to cuff 20"
Anyone know what brand this is? There's no country of origin tag. Care tag is in english and size is 4.        
My last dog sweater thread derailment for now. I just finished the Arc'Teryx. It was a women's small that had been washed too many times. I kept the collar, used the fabric from the middle part of the back, sewed on an inner front pocket, and attached the hang tag.           Thanks for all of the compliments. These sweaters are actually fairly easy to make though. My sewing experience is limited to sewing 5 dog sweaters.
I've been making dog sweaters for my Boston Terrier out of stuff that I've found thrifting. I didn't notice some slight damage on this RRL SC until I brought it home. It was only $8, so I decided my dog needed some RRL in his life.             Patagonia Synchilla Snap T. I don't like how the collar turned out on this one, but it's still pretty cool. We live in Seattle, so people always recognize that it's Patagonia and say that they didn't know that Patagonia ever...
Shout out to 1ofthecoolkids for hooking me up with these two G-Star jackets and a pair of RRL denim!    
The Belstaff was from months ago. Finally getting around to listing it. I found it at a VV up north.
Anyone know what model this is? I looked at the website, but the different models all look pretty similar to me.    Not available.  
Two items for me, Seattle appropriate Shades of Greige waxed cotton jacket. NWT plaid by J Crew
Women's NWT RL vest with real leather trim  Marmot women's L, 3D Polarguard insulation, Available for trade.  [[SPOILER]]   Varvatos M, available. [[SPOILER]]    Paul Smith, labeled 16x41. Slim fit [[SPOILER]]    Seawall. I didn't know what this was until I googled it. Apparently a small and expensive brand from Portland.      NWOT Bill's Khakis 36w, unhemmed. Double pleated, unfortunately. Available.  I find most RG revolting, but this one is kinda cool. Selling...
New Posts  All Forums: