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Thrift fit   Camp7 Vest- Thanks to TXWoodworker Brooklyn Taylors- Thanks to SilverwareBandit Eddie Bauer belt thrift. (I wish the buckle was silver but love this belt) RL Denim Supply.- Thanks to 1ofthecoolkids Timberland- DSW   For dummies library is a joke, but thrifted. I thought it would be funny to have a whole library of these, but after moving once gave up on the idea. I find humor in stacking the Sex and Ferrets book next to each other.        Dog is...
Nice. Let me know if it's a small or medium and you want to trade.
 Nice! I like my NADs.
Just took some pictures for ebay. Some of these have been sitting around forever.           I love this AG- nice heavy fabric. Available for trade. Large.  Chest 22.25",  Sleeves from shoulder to cuff 25.5", Sleeves from pit to cuff: 20.25", Shoulder 18", Length 28.25 "    [[SPOILER]]
I found a pair of these yesterday that I think came from REIs basement sale. The toes are scuffed, but otherwise in good condition. Size 13 and available.
Thrift fit
Overdue thanks to:   K4lnamja for showing my wife and I around San Francisco. He was very generous and we had a great time with him.   Sparrow for some Gucci loafers
Levis Made & Crafted. Available. 2x 31x34 Ruler Straight 31x32, Waist 15.75" pulled straight, TL 42.5", Inseam 33.75, Rise 10.25", Leg opening 7.5"1x 31x34 Tack Slim Waist 15.75" pulled straight, TL 42.5", Inseam 33.75, Rise 10.25", Leg opening 7"  [[SPOILER]]
I wouldn't say it's an auto kop for me. It would depend on wear, as it doesn't look to be a high end piece from the pic. I'm trying to not pick up worn stuff though.
Mountain Hardwear Not Available   Baracuta Not Available   Avirex Not Available
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