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Who on here does Etsy? I would be interested in checking out some members' stores. PM me if you prefer.
NSF light gauze. Large. Available (currently on ebay but i'll end the auction for a thread regular)   Naked & Famous XL. Available (currently on ebay but i'll end the auction for a thread regular)   Been had Polo Bear. Medium. Available (currently on ebay but i'll end the auction for a thread regular)      Filson x Levis NA   Ibex NA   Tellason NA   J Crew sold   Awesome vintage work shirt. Medium    Gant by Michael Bastian NA   J Crew...
If anyone has a size 30 in the chambray west is dead chinos, please let me know. I have many sizes that I could trade you.
Naked & Famous. Grey Chambray w/rainbow specks Available.      NSF Light gauze plaid. Available.     Patagonia NA   Ibex women's cycling pants NA     Avirex NA     Filson NA   John Varvatos Collection NA   Dior NA   Ibex NA   Tellason NA   Patagonia CSS NA
Some stuff I was too lazy to post. Most of this is gone by now.    Suit supply NA   LVC NA     Brown label, Small. Available.    Ibex cycling NA   J Crew glen plaid Ludlow suit, NA   Lululemon   Relwen NA     Belstaff (on ebay)      Barena NA
Thrift fits        
I do not offer returns, but a buyer wants to return an item because "This shirt has very small armholes it almost sticks to armpit, looks so funny and uncomfortable, it might work for someone who is smaller I am not sure."  I don't really want to sell the shirt again because it's a sample and the tag is very off center and the off center stitching shows through the back of the shirt. Should I tell him I do not offer returns based on poor fit, or just allow him to return...
Does anyone know if the limited edition denim from RRL is better in any way, or is it just marketing designed to sell certain washes at a higher price? There were some limited edition olive colored jeans I liked a while back and now I see on ebay that there are some similar jeans from a more recent line that are not limited edition. Thanks.
mobile failure
Available. XL. Chest measures 25.5. Quality doesn't seem as high as Filson, but I figured I would want them if they were my size, so I went ahead and picked them up. I prefer these colors over many of the ones that Filson offers. Tag says woolkraft by elaine? I didn't turn up anything with a quick search online.    I left a charcoal one of these behind and can check for it tomorrow if anyone is interested.         
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