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I've been really lazy about posting/selling/etc.These are from the past several months. I plan on selling most of this stuff, but it's available if you're willing to look for small stuff. Right now I have too many open trades with other members that I haven't heard a peep from in months.       Very vintage Filson. Collar wear, cuff fraying and some stitching that needs a little help, but this thing is pretty sweet. I would prefer to trade this.      [[SPOILER]]    Cool...
If any Vancouver people want to meet up tomorrow (friday) during the day, I'll be in town hitting up some stores. Any recommendations are appreciated too.
The Filson Outlet had a buy one get one half off sale last weekend. I might sell the blue one.
If anyone finds a damaged or XXL+ one of these that's cheap, please pick it up for me. I got one up for myself and now my dog wants a matching one. 
Large ibex available for trade. Ch 24.25, sh 16.5, length boc 27.5, sleeves 25.5. RRL unavailable pending trade.
Polo Country. Not available.   RRL For Sparrow     RRL available for trade. Ch 23.5, sleeves from sh to cuff 25.25, sh 20.25, length boc 31.5        RRL for me.   Rugby for me.   Patagonia for me
Picked up a pair of AudioEngine A5s at my lunch break. I'm not familiar with AudioEngine, but this model gets great reviews online. They're in great condition and they powered on. I hope they work.
All good man. I put a decent amount of effort into making the sweaters.
 The shirt was an XL and wasn't worth selling or trading. Keep your rude comments to yourself.
Polo Ralph Lauren linen for the dog days of summer.    
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