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Brooks Brothers Madison Fit 40L       http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=221168232112
All available.   Zegna Linen/Cotton Herringbone, Tagged 54L (Euro) Working buttons, made in Spain, dual vented, needs new buttons in the front, a couple very small snags that the herringbone hides.         [[SPOILER]]       Brooks Brothers: Tagged 42L       [[SPOILER]]   I'm going to return the next one unless someone here wants it: Nordstrom Made in China Loro Piana 100% Cashmere. 43R One sleeve is shorter than the other and the opposite shoulder has additional...
I got an italian made tux from Rugby last week for
ALL AVAILABLE.   Women's Nordstrom Blackwatch, Size 14/Medium.  Couldn't pass it up.     [[SPOILER]]     Pendleton Plaid SC, Tagged 44R   [[SPOILER]]   Orvis, Tagged 42L   [[SPOILER]]
All are available.   Filson Women’s Pea Coat ... if only it were men's!     [[SPOILER]]         [[SPOILER]]       Avirex B-9 Vest Medium   Chest: 21.5” (Pit to Pit) Length: 23.5” (Measured from bottom of collar) [[SPOILER]]     BB Navy Blazer, measurements below   [[SPOILER]]
Anyone want me to pick up this medium cotton Polo sweater for $13?
  Also, this fabric is the color of chambray, but is stiffer than chambray shirts and ties I've seen- is it still chambray or is there a better term?
Pretty 39L (labeled 41L) BB Madison Blazer AVAILABLE Single vented, unlined, recent     [[SPOILER]]
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