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A couple weeks back I posted about a google sheet that I made that includes all sizing info, wants, and trading preferences for people active in this thread. You can access the sheet through google drive, including in the field on your smartphone.   If you want your information included in the sheet, simply fill out the form here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHo3cUVBVklURndNTEZOYUFrVEgtQWc6MA   If you want access to the information that...
I was looking for some shoes like, this and found these from J Crew.       Incotex x2 that fit. I really like the tan/brown wool ones.   Assorted ties for myself.    My wife always wears my Mountain Hardwear Monkeyman fleece around the house because it's so warm and comfy, so I was excited when I found her one
I replied to Cap's original response, but I looked at the old sheet and decided to keep going with mine because it was it more thorough. I think it can streamline the trading process much more effectively (by including fields for ideal shoulder measurements or a range of acceptable shoulder measurements for instance). Mine is more of a catalog of sizes and preferences as opposed to a trading ring. 
You're right- it exists, but I made a new one because it fizzled out a long time ago, newcomers don't know about it and it doesn't contain the detailed sizing and trading preferences that this new one does. I also plan on keeping people aware of its existence every once in a while. 
I’ve created a google form that, when filled out by thrifting regulars, creates a database with all responses about sizing, wants, basic personal information, and trading preferences that users can both search and filter. I believe this database will: -Streamline the trading process with new and existing trading partners -Strengthen relationships between existing trading partners, facilitate new relationships -Provide in-field notes about traders’ up-to-date...
Available PRL Blackwatch Lambswool Vest, Large. Chest is 22.25", Length 24"       Last week 1ofthecoolkids and I found my lifetime supply of khakis- 3 NWT, un-hemmed Bill's Khakis, 1 Bill's Khakis, and 2 BB  
Cooper A-2, Size 46. This is available to someone who will put in the effort to find stuff for a slim 36R.      Rugby pants and RL Rugby for my wife:   Cashmere cardigan & J Crew Corduroy for me     Large Barbour Fleece. Available.      [[SPOILER]]       [[SPOILER]]       Large Pendleton in excellent condition. Available.    P2P: 23 Length: 28.5 Sleeves: 23.75   Also, not thrift prices, but my wife picked up these chairs for my birthday the other week from a resale...
Anyone want me to pick up this BB outerwear medium jacket? $15 made in china, but I think it's cool. Send me a PM ASAP.
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