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Anyone want me to pick up this BB outerwear medium jacket? $15 made in china, but I think it's cool. Send me a PM ASAP.
Yeah, thanks. I've got my RSS feeds setup, but wanted to put it out there as best I could. 
Up for sale is a fantastic pair of navy Brooks Brothers wool trousers. Tagged 35x30, with measurements:  Waist 18” Length: 27.5 2.5” extra fabric   They are in fantastic condition with no stains. There is one very small flaw, which I have pictured twice.   Shipping to CONUS is free. Reasonable shipping fee to all other locations.
Up for sale are some Brooks Brothers 100% Supima Cotton stone colored chinos in excellent condition. No stains, rips, holes, marks, or funky smells. They measure 16 x 28.5, with 3" to lengthen with.   CONUS shipping is free. All other locations require extra fee for shipping.
   This is what I get when I try to end it. I got this by looking at the list of all active selling, then check the checkbox next to the listing I want to end, and hit the "End" button. Is there another way to end a listing?  Right now there are no bids. Assuming I'm able to close it, will I still have to pay a fee?
I am selling a NWT Arc'Teryx jacket and after a week of listing, it didn't sell at $100. A woman contacted me saying that she would buy it for half what I listed. I say no. I relist with a starting price of $70 and BIN of $100 and she contacts me saying that if I change the BIN price to the starting listing price, she'll buy it. I'm fine with this, and change the BIN price to $70, except that ebay requires your starting auction price to be 10% less than the BIN, so I...
I just got this message from buyer: Hey man, I thought I had it shipped to my Connecticut address but I just checked tracking and I guess I sent it to my apartment in Tuscaloosa I wont be back there untill January 10th and I just called the post office there in Tuscaloosa and they said they sent it back to you.. whats the procedure here   I was going to offer to ship it to him if he paypals me the cost to send the flat rate box back to his paypal address so he gets...
I'm looking for a RL Rugby 38R Made In Italy tux jacket. I bought the pants at a Polo outlet, then ordered a tux jacket online. The jacket I received was from a different year or line because it was made in China. I believe the pants are made by Caruso.   Please let me know if you see these anywhere or have a jacket you are looking to sell. I am interested in both new and used, provided it's in great shape.
I saw this used Large Rage & Bone overcoat at a store. I can proxy if anyone is interested. It's in great shape. It's $72 + tax + shipping and $5 for my time. PM me if you're interested.        
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