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Anyone want me to pick up this medium cotton Polo sweater for $13?
  Also, this fabric is the color of chambray, but is stiffer than chambray shirts and ties I've seen- is it still chambray or is there a better term?
Pretty 39L (labeled 41L) BB Madison Blazer AVAILABLE Single vented, unlined, recent     [[SPOILER]]
Anyone want this large woolrich, $5? No holes, decent shape.
Is Chatham Run by Woolrich worth picking up? Medium. I 6'1" and the sleeves are short on me. PM if interested and I'll grab it for you.
I'm sending it to Westling. I haven't dove fully into researching how much certain blazers go for on ebay because I enjoy trading with people here, but what makes something like that worth over $100? Pattern/fabric or the BB Makers label? Thanks!
Can this linen suit jacket, or one in navy, be worn as an odd jacket?
Pm within an hour if you want me to pick up this BB makers tweed 44. Shoulders 19", length 30.5", sleeves 24". Single vent. $8 plus shipping
Is Polo University Club worth picking up? I found this 40. Not for me... I pick up stuff for trades mostly. Here's the jacket
Left has 0.75" of fabric and right has 1". I'm not sure how much that means you can actually lengthen the arms by, but that's how much fabric is there before the lining starts.
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