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Banana Republic Heritage 44R in excellent pre-owned contion.    100% cotton, single vent, notch lapels, working cuffs.   Shoulders: 18 Chest 22.25 Waist 20.75 Sleeve 25.5, Length 28.   Free shipping in CONUS.
Club Monaco 38R or 38L SC  AVAILABLE Shoulders: 18, Chest: 20.5, Waist: 19.5, Length: 30.25, Sleeves 25.75     [[SPOILER]]       [[SPOILER]]           RL Country hand knit sweater, small. Has three small holes though. AVAILABLE  Chest 21.5", Shoulders 19.5", Length: 25.5, Sleeves 25 including all of the cuff     [[SPOILER]]   A topcoat for me. Kenneth Cole, but my size is hard to find and it's pretty nice.
Any regulars want a proxy on some 28 west is dead slim 5 pocket denim? Not selvedge. $20 + shipping
Schott U.S. 740N Peacoat : AVAILABLE to a thread regular. Labeled 44. Shoulders: 19", Sleeves 23.5, Length 28.5, Chest 23"         [[SPOILER]]     For me: Arc'Teryx pants and BR silk/linen tie. Tie is darker with light blue stripes.     
Looks great, Eazye! Post a pic of the navy suit next time you wear it.
J Crew waxed cotton
Several months ago I linked up with fellow Seattleite and SF member, 1ofthecoolkids. He's taught me quite a bit about clothes and has picked up some really good shit for me when we're not thrifting together. He's got a large amount of great stuff that he's thrifted and I've exhausted myself trying to get him to post everything on here. He just doesn't have enough time.   Here's some of the stuff he's found me:   Filson, Nordstrom Cashmere (for wife), Silk Cashmere. Not...
Cool Moutain Hardwear baselayer. It's even tight on my twig arms.   34R Peacoat found in the women's section. Need to replace the buttons and slim down the arms, otherwise this thing is really sweet.    Almost like new women's Marmot Nano, which retails for about $250  
I bought something on ebay that I suspect is a factory second that was advertised as new without flaws. It's got slight fabric irregularities and a dark line through the main tag. What's the tell tale sign of a factory second from J Crew?
Available for proxy recent 40R Burberry SC made in USA (hickey, right?). Dual vent, great shape. $25 + tax + shipping. Pm me now.
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