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Did not kop. But if you're in the Pacific Northwest and need a Rhodes holler at me and I'll tell you where to go.
 I left all of that stuff last night. $580 for the Cucinelli is a lot. It's still a lot at 25% off.  I wanted to get the Isaia check/plaid suit, but I noticed a small pull/run in the sleeve so I passed. Would have kopped if it were for me. I thought the other suits were ugly. I bet you'll make money, but I didn't want the stress. 
I know two things about strollers 1) they transport little people that I dislike 2) Bobs are expensive
Isaia 16 51 Available! I have the top button that I accidentally ripped off    [[SPOILER]]  The rest is NA.         Estate sale find. Stoked.
All of this is available.     [[SPOILER]]       [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]         [[SPOILER]]       [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]
Stuff from the past several months that I was too lazy to photograph.   AVAILABLE. Except the boots   Ibex Large       Taylor Stitch 42     Women's theory linen, Small     Thom Browne Fun. Size 4     NWT Gant Rugger XL Nylon Pea Coat     Belstaff 85th Anniversary Silver Label, Size L   has a back pocket sort of like a game bag. Anyone know what that would be called?       Belstaff. Down, i think . XXL I think I posted...
        Mackinaw Cruiser Size 40    
Hit a yard sale and the REI garage sale.   Big Agnes Big House 4, new   2x paddle boards with paddles and bags. Only used 4 times       Thule SUP taxi rack. Used once.
Haven't gone out much at all lately. Here's some old stuff that I never posted.                
Hey guys, I've been active on other parts of the forum for a while now. I've gone through both SWD fit threads, but haven't posted fit pics here yet. There will be a bunch of simple fits to start out with to get feedback on fit and combinations. I like posters like synthese, lorcan, gnatty and dlester, and would like to start moving towards those aesthetics.
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