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 Guys- anything with Goretex Pro or Recco indicates a higher end item. Send all smalls to me, please.
Looking for olive/navy Matt pant in size 32.Thanks!
I always recommend that people NOT start vinyl collections. Don't waste your time and money with vinyl- it's an extremely inconvenient format that is a hassle to store, listen to and move. It won't really sound better unless you're getting mint copies of older records ($$$$$) and have a good sound system. Start off with a good stereo soundsystem. 
My wife has been winning lately. The upside- she doesn't hate thrift/consignment shopping as much. All Marc Jacobs mainline This was NWT Fourth roomba in a year
I make dog clothes from thrifted menswear items. And then post them on instagram.   https://www.instagram.com/houseboatdarwin/
I'm going to be in Philadelphia for a couple of days next week. I'm staying in the Rittenhouse Square area. If anyone wants to meet up, or has any recommendations (thrift or otherwise) please send me a PM.    Thanks!
Yep! Half off.
Somehow landed two pairs of Arc'Teryx bibs that fit my wife and I.
Just figured that out after I posted. Thanks for the info!
Did not kop. But if you're in the Pacific Northwest and need a Rhodes holler at me and I'll tell you where to go.
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