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is that sale going on right now? ..and where?
Spoo's pics are great... i ilke the plethora of colors. I like the TV fold but, as you stated, I feel like its a little formal looking. Thanks for the advice
good evening all... i have a question... when do you do certain folds with the PS? i have spent the last hour looking thru this thread and i have gotten some wonderful advice and knowledge on PSs but if someone can tell me when to use certain folds it would be greatly appreciated. 
    i was wondering the same thing. i see some people post how they got AEs for ~$150 usd or so... I want to ge my first pair of AEs, but are they worth $335/pair? Can someone people let me know where I can find some of these sales? Is is their website or certain stores? Thanks in advance  
    Im going to take your advice and go somewhere to get my measurements. As i alluded to earlier i feel like i have a body type outside the 'norm' so it'll be harder for me to find something that Id want, so chances are Im most likely going to shell out a few extra bucks to what exactly what i want. Just out of curiosity whats the difference in the numbers of the 'Super 100, 120, etc?' As for ties, i looked thru my ties after we talked about them earlier and i have one...
      first and foremost, congrats on graduating!! try to post a pic of the outfit so we can help more. is the shirt a solid pink? what shade of pink?      haha, I'm going to use this. thanks !!   
Man, you hit it right on the head with Mens Warehouse. My brother is the last person you would catch in a suit, but he had a trip to go on and needed a suit last minute. The suit he got turned out to be a pretty good. I didn't put it on, so i can't tell you how the fabric felt.   The suit i have is Hugo Boss, which i have come to learn most people on this forum don't like lol. But, i was fortunate enough to have someone buy it for me as a gift in 2008. So, clearly it...
i think you guys scared him off...    personally, i learned a lot read this thread. So, thanks to you all. The AE Strands in walnut are gorgeous shoes. 
    thank you all for your suggestions.   Gauss17 - I meant 'well built guy' as in 5'11 and 225, in good shape. My current suit is 42R and fits tight in the shoulders and arms. Waist is 32/34. Im going to buy a OTR suit and if i have to I'll stretch to ~$800, because i know it will be used and well appreciated. My brother recently went to Mens Warehouse and got 2 suits, 2 shirts, and 2 ties for all under $800. Obviously this is a great deal, but are suits from these kind...
    agreed!! they're a fantastic looking shoe!!! 
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