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Price Drop!
Price Drop!
Features baked in 3D Creases, slightly distressed whiskering, and freyed areas with contrast stitching. Brand new (without tags), and have never been worn. From FW/2011. Called "Blue Crash".
Just purchased and have never been worn. Tags still attached. Too big for me.
Just got this off ebay and it does not fit me. Is brand new (without tags) and has not been worn at all.   $340 $320
They are the jake's from this season. When I bring them to get hemmed i'm gonna get a slight taper as well.   Yea, I think it looks fine. Nothing "inspiring", but it works best for me. Anything louder and I look like I'm trying way too hard. And of course the orgies.....
What would be a good choice for me if I have a very narrow head? Most shades are too wide on my face.
I've had it for a few months now.   I don't think it is too aggressive to wear with blacks jeans/boots. If it is I'll throw it up on ebay.
Not the ideal pants and shoes to wear with it but it's all I have. My wardrobe consists of about 5 items right now. Would be worn primarily with black jeans, white tee, and black boots. Have to work with what I have at the moment.   But yes, I'm sure you'd be more "creative" with it. I'm trying to tone shit down in general. 
Keep or return? They are dior jakes from this season....    
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