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Lol at blurring out your face and not your wife's. 
Stop looking for people to pat your fucking back. Grow a pair and go live your life OP. Close this damn thread. How you look means jack shit stop making excuses. A better start would be to get off the damn computer. 
Don't listen to Hendrix. Keep on being an asshole. 
tcwalter07  "damn if i saw u in da trap id clutch the steel lookin ready to chop a niggas block"        
I like KJ's outfit, but come on man, he's not ripped. Looks healthy and fit, but "ripped" is more along the lines of kgfan. 
Lol, that's ripped? 
Is it true the stantons don't stretch at all in the waist? I've read conflicting info on it.    Just got a pair of the black one's and I can button them up all the way, but they are pretty tight in the waist. Fit is good everywhere else. Should I break them in or size up? 
Shirt looks very feminine to me. 
I think this would look better with the shirt untucked or with pants that don't go up as high. Awesome though. 
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