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Looks great. It's the only polo I've seen that I'd wear. 
Burning it would be a better idea. 
Does a 5 in SS correlate to a 40/50? Or is it 6?
Hagg, they are not the right size as I said. The measurements I got were way off. I'm talking about strictly the wash. 
On the subject of Diors, I just got these in and am not sure how I feel about them. They are a size too big so ignore the overly baggy fit. The wash is much lighter in person than it looked online. It's is a very light grey color that comes off looking like a really light shade of blue in the sunlight due to the subtle white distressing. Not sure if I should get the right size or just return for a refund.     
Airplanes are always good too. My personal preference.....
Please don't
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