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I'm not making a huge deal out of anything. I'm having a fucking discussion. Is that not what this thread is for? It's a discussion that seems appropriate considering the title of the thread and the name of the forum, so what's the issue? 
Next level shit
Do me a favor and explain then
What does consistency have to do with growth? I don't understand what point your trying to make. 
I highly doubt you will lose the desire to wear clothing. I hope not    I understand your stance on the jacket. I was pointing out that the nitpicking on SF is becoming excessive and annoying. Especially considering that there is no perfect outfit, and they are all imperfect in their own sense. Hell I could say Stanley's fit is bad because the fades on his jeans are not in a configuration that I find to be aesthetically pleasing. Or that his shoelaces are tied poorly. It...
Lol you brought up "growth" and I'm curious if such a thing exists in fashion. Once again I dont think it does.   For example..... while some may consider going from an outfit like this.........     to this.......     to be growth. If you asked regular people walking along the street 95% of them would say you went from looking like "a very well dressed young man", to "a homeless man I would not want around my children". What makes us here at styleforum right and them...
What is "growth" in fashion? I'm sorry I don't believe such a thing exists considering that what constitutes a good or bad outfit is highly subjective.   
Jesus this place is becoming way too pretentious. 
Can anyone with the leaf trousers confirm what measurements are right... SS has the 5's listed with a 17.25 waist while WW has them with a 16.5 waist. 
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