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That's right Jet. 
I can see why a lot of people like it, but the shirt looks too "gimmicky" to me. 
Any fitpics of it online? 
Any fit pics online of the SS pieces?
Price drop!
As everyone must know Guidis do run small, but these would be comfortable on anyone from 44-45.5, depending on sock preference . They're perfect for summer wearing. An easy going boot for easy days. Simple to pair with anything you like, from Rick to LUC, Poell to Carpe. These are the ones with the slanted zipper stopper issue that you may or may not remember. Again, this has no impact on the boot aesthetically or...
Anyone have the milk air jacket?
The button down collar always looked strange to me. 
U guys think the collar ruins this shirt? I love the design but dammit I can't get past that collar.
About 3 times a week. I got some expensive moisturising shampoo and conditioner from Joico, that has yet to do anything.
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