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Would you shut the fuck up kid? You have no idea what I wear. Get off my dick.
What designer s3lam?   Not much of a purchase... but anyone looking for tees should check out these ones by Norse Projects. Currently on sale for like $50. Just arrived today in a few different colors and I'm impressed.         
Nice shirt cosmic. Phoenix?
Would you grow up?    Shah that fit would look so much better without those RO's. I think chucks or the CDG sneaks you have would look better. 
Those pieces don't go well with one another imo. 
I've been boxing for a while now, and have gone up against fighters with hair much longer than snow's. 
Snow what weightclass do you fight in? 
Why the fuck does it have to be out of the ordinary? 
Would be worn primarily with Schneider stuff.        OR  
CDHagg find another hobby other than clothing. 
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