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lmao to make a long story short, my roommate just told me that she had sex with carlos (our other roommate). she is also our landlord's ex, and our landlord is also our third roommate.
i can imagine them feeling that way! -NAV
if mr. chobo chobo wants to be able to hear background noise, e.g. an office phone ringing, he should definitely avoid IEDs, as they are designed to seal off outside noise. your best bet would then be earbuds. i highly recommend the PK series by Yuin, and you have 3 options depending on your budget. the PK3 is like $40 i believe and they sound AMAZING. and not just for earbuds, but as headphones in general.
To: the haters of roland loden of germany you're just upset that you're aren't able to appreciate his advanced sense of humour
in time, you all will learn to not only appreciate my genius, but also to love tsintaosaurus. p.s. "beer-a-saurus" was pretty funny, but i only drink belgium whites
you know you're famous when you have haters, lovers, and stalkers
this is one of my many areas of expertise. speakers sold as "ipod speakers" are crap. at least from the hundreds and perhaps thousands and millions i've seen. they are nonetheless sold due to a lack of consumer awareness. if you are thinking that connecting your ipod from its headphone jack to an amp or speakers is crap, you are right. but what most people don't know is that you can readily purchase cables from the ipod's line-out dock to an amp, speaker, etc. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC I actually ended up buying something today that I've liked for a while and wasn't on my previous list. From the Male of the Species series by Arthur Tress 20x16 "Teenage Runners, 1976" signed and numbered (17/50...an edition which will probably not be reached before Tress dies) picture from the Gallery's site Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC ...you should buy art that...
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas Answer #3 - you're not very busy if you're thinking about this a lot. I think you've got management potential. omfg i am so hysterical from laughter right now. i just got home from work (yes, saturday morning OT rocks) and on my way of the office, my manager comes up to me. manager: hey tsintaosaurus, i have a couple questions for you. tsintaosaurus: (preparing to tell her i'm already taken and even if i...
Quote: Originally Posted by Frrrank Awkward moment? Last year I had what I hope will be my most awkward moment. I was working fulltime and going to school at night until I graduated last year, so I was always the most overdressed member of my class. Made life more interesting too, since one friend of mine from school was a bit of a nut and loved my "buttoned-up and formal" look or, as she later called it, my "about to be wed" look. She ran a group at...
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