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Posts by Redlinemac   Not the best but 10 pairs of cedar shoe trees for less that $100. I had to settle.
Just a quick note...    is redesigned and back up. Sorry for the "under construction" link the other day.   Enjoy
Just won the Mezlan Kato in "worn once" condition for $51. Pretty darn excited over here!!! 
No No And No
I'm considering foregoing the oxford for the super stylish jodhpur with suits. I am a fan of the old-school Avengers (John Steed) and I've always loved how he paired tailored suits with his jodhpurs.    Recently, I've been trying to find the "perfect" Italian oxford. I've come across the Mezlan "Fuller", "Bruno", and "Fiano" and the Jonhston & Murphy "Chafin Medallion Lace-Up" (and, of course several others). I know you see a similar silhouette to each of those...
Sorry about the website issues. I messaged Rob Jones and the site is being revamped...   "We have two new collections coming within the next couple of weeks that I think you will enjoy, so stay posted with that."    I can't wait to see what they are bringing out. I've been very impressed with their products. 
Loving the Cordial Churchman...I've also picked up some wonderful pieces from    I came across their site a few months ago as I was looking for a nice wool tartan for one of my winter formals...nice piece...lovely texture.   This one came in the mail today...   I'm in love...
I told my wife when I went in to try it on that this tux selection moved my friend's soon-to-be way down on my list. Thanks for your reply.
First posting here...I love this site.   I've been asked to be a groomsman in a wedding and this is the style of tux the bride selected for us to wear:   I own several tuxedos (a notch and peak single the single buttons...and the same in a two-button variation) and HATE the idea of renting anything. I want to purchase and be done with it...
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